Saturday, March 1, 2008

What a Day!

It's Saturday, and you know what that means ... it's Climbing Day! Yay!!!

First, Maybelline couldn't make it today, and not because she's 14 going on 50, but because she had an all-day vocal competition at a high school across town. Y'all know she's a musician, an artist, but I probably didn't tell you that she signed up for the 8th grade vocal class this year at school. She LOVES it. Over
the school year she's had several performances, including this last Tuesday night at her school, which was the preparation for today's competition.

Tuesday was the night parents (and
friends - quite a few of our very sweet friends) came to listen to their darling 13 and 14 year old children sing. Listening to all those boys, voices cracking, and girls, most barely whispering their lyrics, gave me very little hope for today. And Tuesday night my Maybelline's solo - the ancient Welsh folk song, All Through the Night - was just a little better than the others, because she was obviously nervous. Alright, nearly all of them were about to wet their pants from nerves. The vocal teacher was encouraging Maybelline afterwards, letting her know that her performance was affected by her nervousness, but that it was also meant to prepare her for today. Whew!

Today I climbed while my daughter sang, but the Hunny went to hear her perform (he was teaching on Tuesday and missed all the fun). Hunny came home raving about daughter's singing, how clear and beautiful it was, how calm and poised she was, even with grass stains all over her khakis (seems she and her friends were rolling down hills at lunch). The judge, rather than critique, told her he was glad that he'd gotten to hear her sing. She won't know until M
onday how she scored on her solo, but she knows that she scored well on one of her ensembles. Yay! So she came home totally stoked. :) The photo above is from Tuesday night's solo. Pre-grass stains.

While she was singing, I was playing. :) No, no gratuitous butt shots of the Good Flea today. We've had more than enough of those. BUT my mommy came! Oh. Wait. That's not my mom. Those stinkers are the ones who ate my bagel! Kathie brings bagels every Saturday, and I'd slathered this one up with sun dried tomato spread, then it disappeared
while I got into my climbing gear. No one would confess to having eaten it, though. Those brats!

So back to my mom and climbing? She's wanted to go with me for several weeks, but she was pretty ill for awhile, then recovering. Even today she only got up the wall a couple of times before - hey! That's not my mom either! Look what they did while I was climbing! Don't they know how horribly unsafe it is to climb without gear and training? Don't they understand how fragile they are? What the heck? Stupid bovines. I swear, they're worse than children.

So MY MOM went with me today, along with a fun neighbor who I'm getting to know and enjoy better. We had a great time, and my mom got about half way up the wall on her first try, impressing us all very much. I regret that there is no picture of her climbing, as I was belaying her. She tried again and didn't get very far, I think because she's not quite recovered from
being so sick and the adrenaline rush took everything out of her right off.

Mom seemed to enjoy belaying, which is what I spent most of my time doing the first week. It's not so scary, but it also doesn't use up all of your adrenaline. I like belaying because I feel strong and secure on the ground. :D

Okay, left to right this is my Mom, my new friend, Brandi, and my breakfast buddy, Kathie. Besides myself, there was only one of Kathie's friends who came along till about mid-morning. Small crowd. So we're all belaying each other, and I'm helping, in my own limited way after only a few weeks, to teach, but NOBODY'S WATCHING THE COWS. Stoopid stoopid stoopid. How on earth two little cows get into so much trouble is beyond me.

Remember I said we were a small group till mid-morning? Shelly came about then. She serves as sometimes photographer, which means she's not watching Fred and Bessie either. Till she spots them through the camera lens. Who KNOWS where this is? I have GOT to find them a harness and climbing shoes.

Then I find them lurking near Shelly while she chats with the gym's owner, waiting for who-knows-what opportunity.
Problem is, the ledge on which they're standing? Drops waaaaay down into what was once a diving pool. One false move and bye bye little cows! And like the good mommy I am, I snap their photo before getting them out of harm's way.

Despite all my warnings, Fred and Bessie couldn't seem to keep themselves off the walls. I've never seen them this energetic, animated. It's wild! I may have to take them every weekend! Or not.
I have no idea where to find the safety equipment in their size.

So, to sum up:
Maybelline sang like an angel (oh, and she had my cell phone for the day, so she was in Heaven)
My Mommy came climbing with me
My STUPID COWS won't listen to me or stay where they're put. Instead they've taken to stealing and extreme sports.

WHAT an exhausting day!

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

It sounds like a delightful day... except for your little cows running wild!

Lori said...

How fun! I was a band kid and remember nerves getting to me at solo and ensamble contests. I am sure your beautiful girl will only become more confident as time goes on! Let us know how she did!
How fun to climb with your Mom and friends! I need to find a place like that!
I have a theory on the was the extra carbs from the bagel-made 'em nutty!

Karen said...

The cows went climbing! That's great.

AutoSysGene said...

Stealing and extreme sports. I like these cows more and more each day.

Congrats to Maybelline!!

dlyn said...

Wow - those cows are sporting some mighty big 'tude Flea! And congrats to Maybelline!

OHmommy said...

That great.

OHmommy said...

That IS great. Geez... I meant to write

That IS great.

kay said...

silly cows.

we have a climbing place here and i have always wanted to go. i think you have inspired me! thanks flea!

Anonymous said...

Hey, has anyone ever told your mom she is beautiful? (And great hair!)

Sorry to be off topic. Just couldn't help but notice and figured moms can always use a little boost.

Mayberry Magpie

Flea said...

I'll let her know you said that. :) She gets told. Making her believe it?

brneyedgal967 said...

LMAO - What I'd like to see is the shot of the owner of the climbing place rolling his eyes while you pose and snap pictures of ceramic cows. Bwahahaha!

Awesome that your mom at least gave it a go! What a good sport!

Flea said...

That was the owner standing next to Shelly - the guy with the beard. He's very laid back, like me, and he just smiled. I'm sure he was rolling his eyes INSIDE.