Saturday, March 8, 2008

What's In The Good Flea's Purse?

WARNING! Long post! Lots of pictures! Messy purse!!!

I am stealing Asthmagirl's meme from Thursday. It just looked like too much fun. One of her readers was disappointed at not finding really fun things in AG's purse, like guns or knives, so I considered slipping some naughty things into my purse. But a steak knife just wouldn't look right. That's about all the illicit fun I can find in this house, dang it.

Let's get started, shall we? Be warned: My purse is nowhere NEAR as neat as AG's. I am, by nature, a very cluttered person. Which is why I like this particular purse. But it's not quite doing it for me anymore, so I'm thinking of looking for a new one. I tend to buy a new purse every couple of years and use it exclusively till it dies. No matchy-matchy for me. Pragmatist am I.

This is my purse. I saw it across a crowded store and knew it must be mine. Good thing it was cheap. I don't usually see things I just HAVE to have. It doubles as a back pack!

I LOVE pockets and zipper pouches! One of these is my key pocket while I'm shopping or whatever (but when I'm home, the keys have a different place), the other my cell phone pocket, rarely used. That is what pants pockets are for.

And here are the contents of the front snap and Velcro pockets. Not a whole lot here. Let's see - a grocery list, a WalMart receipt, a lollipop, a glass cleaning cloth and an earring. One of my all-time favorite earrings at that. And I've lost its mate. That makes me very sad.

Here we have the zipper pocket contents. Ooo! A Zeiss glass cleaner! And another WalMart receipt. And the other earring! WOOHOO!!!

That little square in the back, with the chubby children? It's a mirror compact. Do I use it? Noooo.

Look. Pretty earrings. Gift from a friend back in Florida several years ago. They match my red
hair and auburn eyes beautifully. I'm so happy to see them both together again! Maybe we can have a little party, just the three of us. Or maybe I'll send the two of them off for a long weekend, since they've been apart far too long ...

Now here is the inside center of the purse. This lovely faux leather purse has three separate compartments under the hood, two of them zippered. This center compartment is not, and if I forget to snap the flap shut and swing it over my shoulder, the center contents go spilling everywhere. I can't even TELL you how many times this has happened to my scatter brained self. Notebooks and lipstick everywhere.

I love my notebooks! Look at them! One can NEVER have enough clean paper on one's person at any given point in time. Agreed? Good. Obviously I can never have enough crap paper on MY person at any given point in time. I was amused at the heap of paper and trash I threw away when I was done. Thank you, Asthmagirl, for pushing me to clean out my purse. Only the notebooks and the nail file went back in.

Oh my. This is what I found UNDER the notebooks and crap paper. A blue flashlight with no guts. At all. A capless, dirty lipstick. Pencil sharpener and eraser (never know when that will come in handy!). Dental floss from my dentist (I do not floss, and I'm not afraid to admit it!). More crap paper. And my best friend in the world, store brand Excedrin. All but the pills, sharpener and floss went to the trash.

If you look carefully in the interior shot above, there are also pockets in the center pouch. This is where I keep the one thing my mama always said is an essential: the lip stuff. She told me that if I only had time to apply one thing to my face as I rushed out the door, it should be lipstick. There are many days I wear nothing on my face but my glasses, but I love to have these handy for when I pop into the grocery or my kids' schools.

I'm going to spare you all the shot of the interior of a zippered pouch. Boring. But here's what's inside! This is all from the two interior pockets (did I mention I like pockets? I love pockets!).

We have here ladies' essentials, pictures of my children, at various stages, my eyeglass prescription (WTH?), various reward cards and odd business cards. What fun. In a separate pocket of this zippered pouch is my license and voter ID, but I was frustrated with my paint program and couldn't figure out how to obscure the numbers and information any other way. Sorry. No pics.

The last zipper pouch (stop cheering - you didn't HAVE to read this far) contains my little Bible (NASB), which I got for Mother's Day about 4 years ago and needed bifocals to read just a year later. Here, I'll show you what else is in there ...

Isn't this fun so far? Yeah, stop yer gripin'. I know I'm a pack rat. This picture just reinforces that fact. Bible, immunization records from childhood - MY childhood, pay stub, form to renew Hunny's truck's tag, insurance form for tag verification, some kind of blue paper cloth (WTH?), checkbook and a fuzzy kooshy thing that broke off of my purse tape measure (which is on the coffee table - and doesn't every woman have a purse tape measure?). Whew!

What's this now? Below the Bible and papers, my favorite purse lotion, a couple of perk cards to Eskimo Joe's and a post office receipt. Booooring. Not boring? Forgetting to lotion face and hands, running out the door to be somewhere, and digging through the purse then applying lotion to said face and hands while driving the interstate at rush hour through the heart of the city. And if you know me, you know I'm a driving wuss. But I also hate being dry.

I know y'all have been dying to find out where I keep my writing utensils, right? Sure, you're just saying that to humor me. I wondered, when I first got the purse, where to stash my pens and pencils, and it didn't take long to discover that the sides were the perfect place, so long as I kept the thing zipped.

Last (stop your cheering! I TOLD you you didn't have to keep reading! Go away. Now.), but certainly not least, the zippered pocket with all of my essential cards. And not so essential cards. For instance, why do I still have the Florida blood center card? I no longer live there. I couldn't give blood the day I got that (stupid rule about not touching other people's blood!). WTH? And two Sam's cards? I no longer need the Florida card. The card just behind the blood card is a specialist back in Orlando. Not going to see him any time soon. But did I throw any of these away? No. Silly me.

So there you have it, folks. The Good Flea's purse. Tomorrow, the Good Flea's medicine cabinet. Joking. That's a JOKE. No medicine cabinet.

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

Oh, but the medicine cabinet would be so fun!! I would seriously consider blogging about mine, but it's so big (an entire closet) and so full (stocked up at a going out of business store) it would take far too many photos.

Fun post!

Mayberry Magpie

Marguerite said...

Oooh, I hate even attempting to keep up with matchy-matchy. I always buy something cheap that will last through everything, then complain about it because there's just something not right. I make myself keep it for about a year anyway because, yet again, I'm cheap. I'm even worse with wallets. :P

One day. One day, I will find the PERFECT PURSE. *sigh*

Marguerite said...

.... Come to think of it, I'd probably complain about that one too, because I'd get tired of looking at it after a while. :(

AutoSysGene said...

Good gravy! 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag, you are quite the packer!! Who knew that you could fit all that in that little purse?

dlyn said...

I want to see Flea's silverware drawer. I think I am going to start some photo memes of things like your toothpaste tube or your car trunk. Well - not just yours, because that would be kind of wierd I guess. Anyway - love the card collection. I hate to throw any away because I might go in
that store again and if I do, I want to make sure I can save .14 a pound on seedless grapes and you can't get that without da card.

Anonymous said...

I love your purse post!!! Woo Hoo!

Someone with more clutter than me... All you need is software intergration an alcohol permit and some keys and you'll win the grand prize... a bigger purse!

Thanks for showing us your purse guts! You rock!

Lori said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who lives like this! I might clean my purse out, too. (but not gonna post about it...noone wants to see empty kleenex pouches and fuzz-coverd fruit snacks!)
And I'll feel neat and organized for about 2 days. It'll be a nice 2 days....

Amelia Ames said...

My purse is boring. But my diaper bag. Now that's got some interesting junk in it. It does double as a purse any time I take the 3 young 'uns out and about.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I love the Lava Lips and those ear rings... I LOVE.

That was fun. I should do that sometime. I have a complete purse fetish -- I love to buy purses.

Casdok said...

Love ther purse!! Great post! :)

Mental P Mama said...

Good grief. Auburn eyes?

Karen said...

You are lucky that I got through that without coming down personally to organize you. My purse is cleaned out after every venture into the world. I cannot stand STUFF floating around in there. Everything is neatly placed exactly where it should be so that I know where to find it next.

If only the house would be like that.

Marguerite said...

Karen, that's just not right... :P

Harmony said...

I think you might have inspired me to get a purse and fill it full of stuff. Is that weird?

Burgh Baby said...

I'm a little disappointed in you for having not one, but two Wal-Mart receipts. *shakes head*

I only buy one purse every year or two as well. It must be Coach, therefore it must last. Dem's da rules.

Flea said...

See, I don't even have a wallet. Hate them. My purse has to have all the right compartments to eliminate the need for one more thing to carry or lose. And I carried a diaper bag for half my married life, so I only really started carrying purses again about five or six years ago. I stuffed money and license in pockets for a couple of years. Didn't work very well.

AG - maybe I'll go for that likker permit. Sounds rather eclectic and slightly dangerous. Me likee.

Yes MPM - my eyes are the color of my hair. I love that. :)

Karen. Karen, no! And that's why my purse has so many pockets! So everything's not just jammed in there and I can actually find stuff! It really does work for me. This has been my favorite purse to date.

And BBM, my favorite purse was 10 bucks at Ross. Sorry about the WalMart. I understand. Sometimes the good produce is only at the WM Marketplace. And sometimes I'm cheap.

Harmony, yes. :)

Sarah said...

My purse would probably look about the same. Except mine is probably 3 lbs of stuff in a 1 lb purse, but crap in there nonetheless. The thing I noticed the most about your photos? The fact that your post office sends Pryority Mail. LOL We do Priority here. I wonder just which is the higher priority?? ;)