Saturday, April 26, 2008


This house is turning out to be the House from Hell. I provide pictures for your edification and enjoyment.

Here's my handyman, the Hunny, removing the trim on the OTHER side of the house (the south side). Turns out there's a lot of water damage. I'll show you.

And this is the tip off the iceberg. On the other side of the fence, the wet boards and soft siding are horrid. The brick which comes up to about waist level all the way around? The plywood behind the siding extends all the way down behind the brick. No way to get it out without removing brick. Oh, we're cookin' with gas now!

We had several people come out last summer to give us estimates on painting and vinyl siding. Painting's not going to happen. The house needs all new sides. And vinyl won't happen. Besides the 15,000 dollar price tag, I've been researching vinyl and am NOT a fan. I'm currently looking into the fiber cement siding and think that's the way we might go.

And - a piece de resistance - the Entry to Hell:
Yes, the Hunny is painting our front door red. It's supposed to be a darker red, and we're hoping a second coat will deepen the color. But I'm kinda liking it this color. Heh. We'll see what happens. And the trim around the glass will be primed and painted white, honest.

So this is what we're doing this weekend. If I don't surface, you know why.

Until I write again ... Flea


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

So sorry! Since my Big Shooter has gotten sick over a year ago all the "Oh my word! gotta finally get at least these essential repairs done NOW" didn't happen LAST spring...I'm afraid the house is going to just fall down around us at times! Yikes! I feel your pain Flea. I really, really feel your pain. And I'm not really into sharing that kind of love baby.

dlyn said...

Egads! Hope you guys can get it all figured out and repaired without having to sell the cows. You want to come and check out the good news this morning!

Tanya Brown said...

Oh dear. Well, I'm going to hope that the damage "merely" extends to the plywood and not to the support members within. It's really good that you've found this problem now and are addressing it rather than letting it sit and compound for several years.

I'm going to hope that in the end, repairs will just entail a few hundred in materials and a bunch of elbow grease, then you'll be snug as a bug.

Mental P Mama said...

Yikes. But I do love a red door. Very welcoming and good luck at the same time...I've heard that recently, so I'm sharing it with you!

Mom Knows Everything said...

I was confused about the whole siding damage thing until I saw the pictures. I assumed you had vinyl siding. See looked I assumed and it made an....well you know what "assume" stands for. LOL

Anonymous said...

Ack! Those pictures look way too familiar :( remember our old house.... There is a reason people put vinyl/aluminum siding over wood siding. Sadly, it is often not a good reason. Hopefully it will not be too expensive of a fix for you. And it is definitely good that you are getting rid of the mold. Maybe that will help little guy (it is so very odd to call him that).

Weezee said...

Oh man Flea, I can relate. It seems everything we do in our house starts small and snowballs. I hope things improve. I love the red door!

jeni said...

Oh no, Flea! I'm so sorry. :( I do like your red door though.

KG said...

Several thoughts:

1. I love red doors. LOVE love love.

2. I loathe vinyl siding. LOATHE loathe loathe.

3. That fiber cement stuff is way better. And it looks good, too!

Flea said...

So far the damage seems to stop at the plywood. We're going to have to do more than patching - this siding no longer exists, and what's not wet or rotted is bowed. Everything goes. Here's hoping we find a good deal on the fiber cement, as that seems to be our best option right now! And it comes pre-painted.

Thanks for your encouragement! I'm going to post a picture of the finished door and house front shortly.

And Candace - yes, I remember your house. Fortunately the structure here seems sound and it's primarily the siding and trim which need replacing. So far.

Karen said...

I'm pretty sure that's the same exact shade as my front door. Only mine seriously needs repainted and if I wasn't so lazy I'd strip it and stain it this time around. As it is, we've been here 3 years and I have yet to peel the stickers off the windows of said front door.

The Empty Nest said...

I went through kitchen, and bathroom remodeling last year. I am too old for that. I also have a red door and I love it!