Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mail Box Fun

Oh lookit lookit lookit! A box came for me today! A box full of candy, a book and a CD! I popped the CD in while digging through the packing peanuts for loot. Mellow. Jazzy. Bluesy. Love it. It ripped to my laptop and went to Maybelline, who instantly fell in love with Katie Melua. I love blues. Nothing like Kim Hill, but very good. Yes, I'm old.

I won all of this fun loot from I'm Being Held Hostage over at In the Gutter. Thank you!!!

And the candy! Bwahahaha!!! Little Guy's looking at all of it asking, "Didn't this come from another country?"

Me:"Yes. England."

Him: "Then why is it all in English instead of a foreign language?"

Oh I know who their teacher was the last nine years and I'm going to have a word with HER!

We tried the candy. Yes, we sat and sampled all of it. Maybelline, Oatmeal Head, Little Guy and myself. Some of it is wonderful! Some weird. I didn't care much for the chocolate covered Turkish Delight, but then I've never been a fan. The Flying Saucers rock! They look
and feel like communion wafers - those papery things some churches have - but there's a powdery innard, like a Pixie Stix. Mmmm! Maybelline offered to wear one for your viewing pleasure.

Oatmeal Head declared it a giant zit. Shiny.

The rest of the candy was fun.
We chewed quite awhile on the caramel, which they call toffee. Heath Bars are my idea of toffee. But I love caramel, so I stashed the rest for later. And the gum! It's by Tesco, a Black Currant gum. An acquired taste. I think one of the children liked it, and I'm hoping the Hunny does. Interesting. :)

Oatmeal Head has already asked for the wrappers to take to school once the candy's gone.

The card is beautiful, a Martin Sexton watercolor of Norwich Cathedral. And the envelope almost made me cry. Look:

Can you see? It says Fred & Bessie's Mum. But I have no Fred & Bessie. I do hope you're keeping your eyes peeled for them. Though that imagery is a little gross. Sorry.

Again, I'm Being Held Hostage, thank you! You turned a rainy Thursday into the bright spot in our week!

Until I write again ...



Karen said...

Congrats on the win! It's so fun to get packages in the mail.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Congratulations... I love snail mail :-)

dlyn said...

Great package!

Shiny! I get it, but does anyone else? [my all-time favorite show and I will never forgive Fox - never ever ever]

imbeingheldhostage said...

I'm so glad you all had fun! The black currant thing-- you can get juice, jam, throat lozenges, antacids-- just about everything comes in black currant as a choice. My first taste of British candy was at my own baby shower. I had to identify the chocolate in the nappy and didn't get any right!

Wineplz said...

so someone still makes the flying saucer candies, huh?