Monday, April 7, 2008

Meet Bessie

Y'all, F&B's new adventures, complete with pictures, are gradually moving over to Formica Fields. They're not very happy with the move, but I thought they deserved their own site. To experience today's adventure, head on over!

I'm playing a little game this morning, doing a writing exercise I found online. It's a character development exercise, I'm fleshing out our friend Bessie. You're welcome to help with this, tell me what I've missed, suggest elements of her life and personality which will fit. And if you're new here, Bessie is one of my best buds. You can find her adventures with Fred on the left if you scroll down a bit.

Remember, this is interactive! Leave comments!

Name: Bessie Kow

Age: three years old

Height: Approximately two and a half inches tall

Body shape: Rather boxy, with heavy udders

Hair & skin color: Hair, block and white. Skin, pink

Job: Adventurer

Favorite saying: Holy Pie! (instead of holy crap)

Typical Outfit: Her favorite green daisy collar and bell – yes, that’s all she wears

Mode of transportation: The redheaded Giant’s pockets or purse; sometimes the basket in the van

Immediate plan: Lick the butter

Long-range goal: Have Fred’s babies, learn to drive

Education: Bessie is illiterate

Home/Apartment: Formica Fields – the counter top in the Good Flea’s kitchen

City/Country: Tulsa, Ok, USA

Pet: Flat Moobie isn’t really a pet, but she considers him so, as he requires the care typical of a pet.

Best friend: Fred

Favorite food: Butter!

Financial situation: Barters with popcorn kernels, which are in plentiful supply

Hobby: Traveling, climbing, meeting new “people”

Skill: Tying cherry stems into knots with her tongue, calming Fred down

Moral attitude: Wound a little tightly, a good girl with a wild streak – she lets Fred talk her into things a little too often

Philosophical attitude: Proceed with caution, but once committed, throw all caution to the wind

Favorite book/last book read: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm/ The Secret Life of Cows

What is bedroom like: Bessie sleeps near the butter. The kitchen is typically messy, and the butter is cool and safe

Spouse/mate: Fred

Parents/siblings/kids: Bessie never knew her parents or siblings, as she was taken away as a little calf, to a farm far away from her home, then shipped to a kitchen in Tulsa. She has recently given birth to a bull calf who is yet unnamed

So there's my little Bess.

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

How can she read a book if she's illerate?

Favorite Book? Bessie likes the look of Babe. But she's always been fond of pigs.

Anonymous said...

Bah Ram Ewe... Bah Ram Ewe!

Bessie actually likes knowing that Babe can talk to sheep!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the adventures of Fred and Bessie.

Mom Knows Everything said...


dlyn said...

Bessie needs books with pitchures!

AutoSysGene said...

You've got bling!

Flea said...

AG - Good catch with illiteracy. And the whole Babe thing, one of my favorite movies. :) I'll have to find some picture books she loves, like Goodnight Moon or something with cows. A Fly went By, maybe. But more cows. And pigs.

Dlyn - I'm working on it! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, I caught the illiterate thing, too, but because of the super glue, not the books. You know, as in, how did she know what it was if she couldn't read...? This is great, btw! Luvvin' it!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Sleeps near the butter. Ha!

Mental P Mama said...

I am feelin' the bovine love!

Lori said...

Holy Pie! Love it!
Um....I AM a little confused about her infatuation with butter...
I mean, I myself LOVE the stuff, but I don't MAKE you see where this is going?
Anywho, about The Shack-I have about 10 pages left and I am a little sad that it is coming to an end. It is about a man who has a very close encounter with God. It is so interesting and moving. Gave me a whole new picture of how God loves us! If you ever read it, let me know your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

You are a nut! You make me laugh.