Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seeing Things

From Dlyn, a BBFF and partner in crime, so to speak, a meme she created herself. Almost as much fun as the spider with a man's head meme. Almost. I wonder what I can do to make it MORE interesting? Let's see, shall we?

It is a photography meme. Yay! I get to take pictures of Fred and Bessie! Oh. Wait. They're not here anymore. *sniff* If you know where they are, PLEASE tell me. I miss them so.
It's getting kinda weird around here.
1. Step out your front door and take a picture.

2. Step out your back door and take a picture.

3. Put them on your blog, along with the rules.

4. If there are things in the photos that you particularly like or dislike, you can point them out, or just explain what we are seeing. Maybe changes over the seasons or some junk in your neighbor's yard that drives you nuts.

5. Tag as many or few people as you like - preferably at least one though.

6. Do it again next month if you like.

I stepped out my front door this morning and snapped a shot of my Chicago Peace rose bush on the front stoop. The one rose, I clipped just before the hail storm. Its petals are in one of my glass bowls in the china cabinet. The china cabinet where Fred and Bessie used to play dress up and have tea parties. *sniff*

And this is the azalea right next to the front door. It's hard to tell, but it's covered in buds, getting ready to bloom. Yay!

Here's our back yard, garden waiting for plants. If you look carefully, you can see the onions coming up in one of the raised beds.

I don't think I have the energy or wherewithal to tag anyone. Take what you'd like. Really. I'm going to go mope now. If you see the bovines, please yell at them for me, for leaving and scaring me so. Bad cows.

Until I write again ...


P.S. Thank you for all your kind suggestions and ideas. I'll be talking about them tomorrow, if the cows still haven't come home.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

those silly cattle are hiding all over in the pictures you have posted... can't ya hear em calling you ??? MOOOOO MOOOOO MOOOOOM :-)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I think the cows got out!

dlyn said...

Who let the cows out? sorry....
Great pics - wan't wait to see the azalea in bloom. We don't even have our veggie garden plowed yet! Thanks for playing!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I love photography memes-- I will tag myself! In a day or two... I'm busy packing, but I wanted to say Hi.

Andrea said...

I love your garden and raised beds. I wish I had a green thumb. I am trying. But it is just not working. You have two very sneaky cows!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

So you're saying that unless I go see a comedy you won't come with?

Hallie :(

CanadianMama said...

I love your pictures and am so jealous. My front and back yard are still brown from winter - sigh!
ps. I'm sorry your cows are missing. Hopefully they are on a wonderful adventure and will come back with lots of stories!

KG said...

Look at all those lovely growey things! I think I have an empty cat litter box out my back door . . .