Friday, April 11, 2008

The Trophy Shelf 's Getting a Little Full, People

Not that I'm complaining or anything ... Oo! Oo! I have completely neglected so much! Including another major award for my trophy shelf! But before I tell you all about it, a head's up for Fred and Bessie's latest adventure, posted at Formica Fields! Quick - go check it out! They went to school with me yesterday.

Melissa, at Hope for the Hopeless, has given me the Wonderful Women of the Web Award! Woohoo! (doing a little dance, right here in my living room, blinds wide open for the neighborhood to see - oh yeah!). Thank you, Melissa-with-two-s'es! Check it out!

It was so much bigger in person, right? :D I'm handing this baby out to quite a few women who make my day every day when I turn on this laptop and visit my friends.

Oh, I hate this part. I always miss people. And ... and ... and ... I'm just going to do it! Rapid fire like.
Karen, at the Rocking Pony
Sports Mama
Zobabe, at Next Day's News
I'm Being Held Hostage, at In the Gutter
Brown Eyed Girl, at The Color of Home
Mayberry Magpie!
Katie, at Overflowing Brain
Think, think, think! I'm in the middle of ironing and snatches bits of time to post. Hee.
Mental P Mama
Asthma Girl, at Is My Cape Fluttering
Jan, at Bold and Free

I know I'm missing some wonderful women, and I'm sorry. Some of you may already have this award. But the siren call of the Rowenta beckons, and I'm never one to ignore the call of the steam iron. Forgive me friends! Fly I must!

Until I write again ...



The Sports Mama said...

Wow! I don't have this one!

Thank you SOOO much! :) Its going right in my trophy case!

The Sports Mama said...

And I'm so glad you didn't hold my anti-meme stance against me! :)

KG said...

Well hell - you must be DA BOMB then!

Thanks for stopping by my blog . . . I hope you come back! I'll be back visiting yours . . .

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Wahoo for you!! :-) Flea, you have an EXCELLENT blog!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Such quick wit while under the steam iron gun to think fast! Impressive!

Anonymous said...

Whoa...kewl! Thank you!! You SOOO deserve this, you wonderful webby woman.

Wait..that didn't come out right...


imbeingheldhostage said...

As your post loaded, I thought "I haven't seen that one before-- Good, that's appropriate for Flea".
So imagine my surprise to see you've passed it on to me! Thank you for thinking of me... I'm getting all squishy and sentimental now (which we know is a rare thing for me).
I'm on my way to the fields-- thank you thank you!

imbeingheldhostage said...

BTW, love the Monty Python quote! My husband will really be hooked to your blog now.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Congratulations on the award! :o)

Overflowing Brain said...

I'm so honored! This is the first award I've ever gotten.

Thanks and congratulations to you as well!