Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trying This Again

Y'all, Oatmeal Head sent me this link today and I about died laughing. I really needed the laugh, since I'm staring down the barrel of having my entire house re-sided, and all the cost which goes with it. And I thank you all for the weigh ins on the vinyl vs. fiber-cement siding. After much long debate, it looks like the cement may be cost prohibitive, while also being a little too pretentious for our neighborhood. Very sad. But still waiting on quotes. If it's even comparable, I'm jumping all over that fiber-cement board. I hate the idea of vinyl.

And you would never know that Oatmeal Head is grounded - seriously grounded right through his birthday. We were going to ease up, but he managed to twist the screws tighter all by himself. Poor kid. It led to some really good
heart-to-hearts though. Which might be why he's in a frolicksome mood. And really, how can a boy turn 14 (tomorrow) without being in a good mood? Here is what he was up to today:

I know. Torturing Lou the Loud with yarn isn't really frolicking. But he seemed to enjoy himself. Not Lou. Oatmeal Head. Doesn't that look like a little noose at the end of the yarn? Maybe for unsuspecting mice.

I'm enjoying the great flower/weed debate. The stalk on that last unnamed flower? Not fuzzy. When I went to look again, take more pictures, I felt the stem. Smooth and silky. Here's a better shot. Can you tell now? I still can't. And the green thing in the last shot of it - I just tugged on a piece and it was growing above the landscape paper in the mulch. Looked like a little bulb on the end. Weird.

Thanks for all your input! Yes, that's a lavender on the left. Love it.

Until I write again ...



KG said...

Ok, that link was really awesome. I have a vision in my head of wearing that tag at some sort of stupid event. How awesome would that be to ACTUALLY wear that? It would be badass.

Karen Deborah said...

replant your little bulb, lillies.
Tigger tried to walk one of the cats with a leash this week. Is it something in their food?
Ceder siding is nice. sorry about the unplanned expense, that is a drag. It's good you found the rot though.

Lori said...

I LOVE The Princess Bride! So funny! Now I am going to walk around for the rest of the day saying, "Deewy Bewoved..."

Wineplz said...

*sigh* one of my all-time favorite movies...Madame Queen also referenced it in the past day or so. although I think I goofed and mixed up shrieking with screaming...ahh...what the hell, it was before lunch. ;)

And the lavendar was the only plant I was able to identify...only because I have both purple and pink lavendar in my yard. :D

Anonymous said...

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