Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day in Review

I. Am so. Disappointed. Here I was looking forward to several days worth of bruise photos (I just know all of you were looking forward to it too), but look what my very promising boo-boo has done to me. Traitor.

I know, right? If you want a wound to color up nicely, don't ice it. I iced the heck out of it yesterday (it might have had something to do with wanting to ease the pain), and all I get for my trouble is a little boo-boo. No brilliant explosion of color.

Don't get me wrong - I worked hard today to make sure I'd have gorgeous colors to show you all. My friend, Kathie, a nurse, assured me that another good bang
on the shin and some aspirin would ensure nice coloration. While climbing this morning I banged the snot out of it (granted, I stopped climbing after that, and alright, it wasn't exactly intentional), then I came home and took aspirin. It just wasn't enough. Stupid ice. Closed up all those little blood vessels.

The good news is, it doesn't cause excruciating pain today like it did yesterday. The OTHER good news is that Maybelline has overcome her fear of climbing! It took her four weeks to get to the top of the 24 foot beginner wall. Today though she kept tackling the harder wall. I took scads of photos, but I'll only torture you with one (I figure I've already tortured you more than enough):

See how high she got? I'm so proud of her! She rocks! In fact, she's requested a climbing party for her birthday, as well as a pair of climbing shoes. She's so easy.

While climbing we met Harley and Sally Ann. Guess which is which.

If you guessed that Sally Ann is the Great Dane, you're correct! Harley is the drop kick dog. Poor thing. He's really very sweet. He can't help being a drop kick dog. These two raced all over the gym, playing like little children. Considering that Sally Ann is eight and a half, old age for a Dane, I was impressed. Sally Ann walks with Flash and Patches every Thursday. Speaking of which, two things. First, I need to bring my camera on our walks. The mornings are gorgeous and I've seen some birds that I'd never seen in real life before. But I'm having a tough time visualizing walking two sixty pound dogs and taking pictures with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D at the same time.

Second, I snapped a shot of my Babies doing some of their own tussling today. Vicious things.

Aren't they cute when they're about to kill each other?

Last, but not least, Oatmeal Head made a hole for where I'm told my Mother's Day gift will go. He worked hard, I snapped photos, we both sucked on pop ice (I love those things!), and I finally got tired of watching him work so hard and went inside. Heh. Trust me, there's a hole there. If you're wondering, this was one of those little Japanese maples. They're gorgeous trees, but this one was gasping for breath when we bought the house and didn't survive the last year. Poor thing.

The dead maple.

Oatmeal Head and a dead pop ice.

Wait! Just one more! Aren't those lashes just to die for? Boys. They get all the good lashes.

So there's my day in review. Aren't you glad you popped by on a Saturday? Me TOO! Stop in again some time!

Until I write again ...



Laski said...

Don't you just hate it when a really good war wound heals too fast?

LOVE, love the rock wall--I want my next b-day party to have one. Still cool if a 30-something does it, right?

Oh, and killing stuff in my yard/garden, has turned into a hobby. Dang it!

Debbie said...

Japanese Maples are gorgeous, one of my favorites.

You had a BUSY Saturday...climbing and walking. Made me tired reading, but I'm only on my first cup of coffee here and why did I wake up at 3 a.m.?

Son has the long lashes goin on too. He didn't get them from me LOL

Mental P Mama said...

I think you may get a little greenish finish for that wound. There's still time...

Your busy day puts my lazy Saturday to shame!

Karen Deborah said...

your so funny, good job with the ice. If you are still curious about your plants I posted a picture of lillies on my blog and also this other plant that it might be, that I forgot the name of!
Helpful isn't it?
oatmeal head is cute, how's the walls coming along?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am completely disappointed. I wanted gore, guts and yellow, blue and purple bruising. I'm going to have to get my horror fix from somewhere else. Sheesh, don't do this to us again! :)

C. said...

I want a japanese maple something fierce, they are such elegant and gorgeous trees. We're surrounded by oak and pine scrubs here, and I just want something different. Our neighbor has one, maybe I can steal it. ;) And I want a rock wall in my backyard, how FUN would that be??!

Burgh Baby said...

I HATE when a wicked injury that hurts like heck doesn't reward me with a wicked display of grossness. So disappointing.

CanadianMama said...

Sorry about your quick healing, hopefully you will have a nice big gash soon lol.
Good for your kids though, both of them seem so sweet!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Congrats to your daughter! That's wonderful! There is no way I would climb that wall.

Mom Knows Everything said...
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Anonymous said...

The oatmeal head thing was really funny. I am looking forward to seeing some more pictures of yours. Are you still coming to Woolarock with us? I wish you would. YOURS TURLLY LAURA JASPER

Wineplz said...

my kids totally have the best lashes...especially Cooper because they're so thick and dark (Gavin's are lighter and harder to see in some light) jealous!