Friday, May 16, 2008

Heads Up!

Being sick has been so much fun that I'm almost sad that I'm feeling better. Almost. I'm a very poor sick person, as a rule, but this week I've done nothing but sit on the couch surfing the web, eating bonbons and sipping bourbon. It's good for the common cold, you know. Okay, I'm lying. I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and there's no liquor in my house. No chocolate bonbons even. But I have enjoyed being sick and the perks which accompany it. Like my husband leaving the house in the morning and telling me to get a nap or take it easy. How cool is that? And for the first time in recorded history, I've kept moving while sick instead of napping or resting. Yet here I am, nearly over this icky cold. Sweet.

My point? I don't have one. Did you expect anything else? Oh! Wait! Yeah, I had a point. Hold on ... oh! While surfing the web today, holding onto sick till the last possible minute, I popped over to Work It Mom! to find the pretty Mir. She writes a post there for Nataly called Casual Friday and I've been visiting pretty regularly for months, enjoying her links to some pretty hilarious blogs.

It occurred to me this evening - yes, it sometimes takes me a VERY long time to have light bulb moments - that no one ever comments on Casual Friday. This made me very sad. Mir is stinkin' hilarious. Oh! I just remembered the other point! Mir has had a cold all week, too. Mysterious, is it not? I think she sent some of her germs through the internets to me.

Anyway, I just thought I'd alert y'all to her Friday posts there. I've found some of my favorite humor blogs through her recommendations. Most of y'all would enjoy them too.

Until I write again ...



pam said...

I so love Mir too! I believe I found you through her. As to the 'sicks', ucky. I surely hope it's not contagious through the internets or I'm leaving you both..

Mom Knows Everything said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. The perk f being sick in my house is having hubby do the house work for me. Hey, I think I might be catching a cold...ahhh chooo, yep got a cold, guess hubby is going to be scrubbing the bathroom this weekend and not me. ;o)

Kareen said...

hey - I took the accent test, and I'm pure South. How cum I gave birth to a Yankee? K

Mental P Mama said...

Going to check out Mir. You've also got mail. Chez moi.