Saturday, May 17, 2008

Movie and Meme

It's out! Prince Caspian is out! We're going to the matinée this afternoon and I can't WAIT!!! This morning I took this quiz, and though I missed two, I still rank as a centaur, like Roonwit. Does that make me a total geek? The two I missed were ones I questioned as I answered, dang it! And it doesn't make me a geek. Really. It just means that I've read this series about 35 times. That doesn't make me a geek. Does it? The fact that I feel as though I know well Trumpkin, Roonwit, Caspian, Reepicheep (my kids would laugh when I would read his name) and the rest? *sigh* Maybe so.

Turning the page, it is time to revisit the front/back yard meme! Dlyn started t
his one last month and tagged me to play. In upstate New York, she had the contrast, from mid-April to now, of barren yard to spring! Here, we'd already begun. But I took my camera outside last evening before the sun disappeared and took shots to show what's changed in the last month. First, here are last month's pictures, taken on April 15th. Tax day. Don't even get me started on that economic stimulus check. *grrr*

This is my front door pot with my Peace rose and other stuff.

Here's the azalea bush before it blooms. It is JUST out of my front door, tucked away behind other shrubs, and the blooms are white.

And here it is, about April 26th, with just a few blooms. It blooms quickly, meaning the blooms come and go quickly.

Last, the back yard a month

Now! This month! Ready? Let's look, shall we?

My Peace rose again. Not much change. Hmm. Well, my picture taking has improved. Wait! There's another pot there! With little seedlings.

I won't bother showing you the azalea, since it looks like the first photo. It bloomed, what? A week? But look what else is coming up on the front porch:

Pretty. I've always wanted hostas. My SIL has really full, pretty ones that the previous owner planted and I've been jealous. But one of the Hunny's co-workers gave us several large planters, one full of these hostas. I love them. Very much.

I know I didn't include it last time, but you saw it when the carpet phlox were in full bloom: my mailbox garden.

A pretty crappy shot. Sorry. I've been experimenting with camera angle and not always successfully.

Then there's the shot from the back yard:

I know, I know. Not a lot of change there either. A few tomatoes in that back length, some landscape fabric over the large bed, the strawberries and onions are going crazy, everything's generally greener, but not much else in the ground. It's been a slow spring.

Well that's it. You can go home now. Show's over. Thanks, Dlyn, for the challenge!

Until I write again ...



hermomsometimes said...

Flea, I know you were one of her special blog friends.Just to let you know brneyedgal (I think that is her blog name) at The Color of Home. She has computer problems. Like she has to get a new computer before she can blog again. So keep checking her site and she will be up and running one of these days. If I know her it won't be long. I'm sure she is going through withdrawal right now.

dlyn said...

Very cool Flea. You have inspired me to take some shots of our veggie garden. This "our" where Larry plants, waters, weeds and picks and I eat cook and eat. Seems fair, no? Can't wait to hear how you like the movie - I loved the first one!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I can't GO home, I'm already there. So I'm staying-- what do you have for me next?
Oh, and thanks for the Narnia trailer-- how fun!

Tanya Brown said...

My goodness; you have been busy! Things are coming along very nicely.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Your flowers look great! I still have so much work to do in the flower beds. :o(

Mental P Mama said...

I love how everything is coming should check out my site to see how things are going here;)

Karen said...

Hope you enjoy the movie!

I love seeing your garden. It has never occurred to me to plant hosta in a pot before. Now I'll have to go do that. It'd look great on my patio.

Harmony said...

My parents read The Chronicles of Narnia to us as kids...we named everything after the characters in the books (we also used character from The Hobit). When my oldest was 3 (about 5 years ago) I came across a set of the Narnia books...I was so excited...I bought it immediately and started sharing with my son, and can you believe my husband hadn't heard of it?! I thought it was really weird since he loved J.R.R Tolkien...I kind of thought the two go hand in hand, a way. They both were members of the same writing group the "Inklings".

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Beauty surrounds you! I am envious your garden. ENVIOUS! Glad you are feeling better Good Flea. It's the pits being the sick Momma...

KG said...

I noticed you have a CS Lewis quote up there at the top of your blog . . . you must be a big fan! I hope the movie was awesome.

Oh, and as for what's out my back door? An empty cat litter box. *hangs head in shame*

Wineplz said...

really? you like and want hostas? wish I had known before I yanked all mine up. or before mom yanked all hers up. We can't stand them and I'm not sure why.

your plants do look like they're coming along great!