Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Prom Meme

Quick note: Give Mental Moo-Ma and answer to her question!

I must say that I'm overwhelmed by your response to my last post. Thank you, friends, for your encouraging comments. It seems I have many sisters out there whom I didn't know existed. We should have a party! And pig out! Er. Or not. It sounds like you have similar stories. And honestly, I picked my doctor's name from a list of providers and God was very gracious in my choosing. She's the best. To y'all who may be like me - slugs with dry skin who don't have thyroid issues (suuuuure doc) - I recommend you ask the doctor to check your thyroid antibodies. Maybe do some research and take the papers in with you. It has changed my life. You can email me if you have questions or need support, at fleabyte at gmail dot com.


Karen, over at the Rocking Pony, did a fun little meme recently. She showed us pictures of her pseudo-prom, complete with the result of a full can of Aqua Net. She challenged me, and even though I dread this meme, a meme challenge is always difficult to back away from. So, for your viewing horror, I present my prom picture, minus the date:

Aren't I glorious? There's a story behind this photo. I was a senior in high school and determined not to attend another prom (eventually I'll find the photo from my junior prom and my pretty homemade dress - my mother's quite the skillful seamstress, but my choice of a print may not have been so inspired). My first prom was not exactly a nightmare, just boring. I went with a guy who was in love with someone else, I'd never even HAD a boyfriend to that point, everyone else spent the entire prom drunk - it was miserable. This one was doomed to be the same.

So I went through my senior year being asked who I was taking to prom, telling people I wasn't going. I must tell you that I went to a small private school in southern Louisiana, graduating in 1985. My graduating class was 12 people. Everyone there was pretty much paired up, including the
one guy I majorly crushed on. In fact, my graduating class was the last one, and poor Lil' Bro had to graduate at the public school the following year.

About a week before prom one of my brother's good friends approached me asking me to prom. As a junior, he'd been working all year, raising money, designing, building this party, lining up a date. And his date bailed on him the week before. Poor guy. He was a nice enough guy, not bad looking, so I had him ask my dad (yes, we were old-fashioned that way and I liked it, thankyouverymuch). Then I was stuck for a dress. See that dress? One of my favorite teachers in the entire world, Mrs. Aube' (whose son it was I crushed on - I'm 99% sure he doesn't read my blog, and 89% sure he knew I did anyway) had a costume dress in my size that she gave me. Ivory is just my color, and the Victorian style may not have been in, as the tea length wasn't either, but I loved it. Looked like it came with a chastity belt, but I went to prom.

Was it fun? Let me tell you, any party is much more fun when there's no pressure in advance and you're with someone you can just be yourself with instead of try to impress. I had a BLAST!

One more photo, if you don't mind. My senior year we had a beauty pageant and nearly every junior and senior, male and female, entered. My mom, who has quite an eye for color, fit and design) took me to New Orleans for a formal dress and we found the most beautiful dress I'd ever tried on. Fit like a glove. The color was to die for. A satin jacquard. It's still in my closet. I went to the one and only beauty salon to have my hair done and everything. And you guessed it - there's a story behind this one as well.

Isn't it every little girl's dream to be in a beauty pageant? To look glorious, captivating? To have the figure I'd die for right this minute? And isn't it just like this girl to want to be different? I held my flowers low, simply because everyone else held theirs at waist level. Turns out holding them at waist level would have been much prettier. In every picture I look like a dork, holding them low.

The good part of this story comes much later. I wore that dress to a couple of functions in college and felt stunning both times.

Since this is a meme (y'all knew this part was coming) I'm tagging people! Specifically, I tag Mental Pause, Dlyn, In the Gutter, Asthmagirl and Mom Knows Everything. And if you like this meme, TAG! You're it, too.

Until I write again ...



Marguerite said...

You still have that blue dress? Awesome! I remember it was gorgeous. :)

I never went to prom. :( No formal anything until I was in college. I won't scare anyone with the pictures. It was Brandon's and my first official date and I think (no, I KNOW) we got a little carried away trying to look good. Needless to say, it back-fired.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh dear...love those pics! I will start digging around. I think I have gained 5 pounds since my bovines arrived. We eat a lot!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight... you want me to show my prom picture? That's the MeMe? Or you want to see embarrassing pics of me from high school? I'm a little confused.

dlyn said...

I didn't go to any of my proms, but I will come up with something. ;)

And I love the pics of you - and it is so neat that you still the one dress!

Anonymous said...

The beauty pageant photo is stunning because you were stunning. And I like the flowers held low!

By the way, and I'm not being fresh, you have some terrific ta-tas.

Mayberry Mapie

Lori said...

WOW! Gorgeous, both photos! I love that your date asked permission...you looked like a bride, so he should have!
And holding the flowers low works!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Loved this! You looked like a princess :-) I'm willing to play, but have a few complications interfering with me playing properly-- so I will do this, but it will take a couple of days. Thanks for thinking of me!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you were and are quite beautiful... I never went to a prom or anything in highschool... but thats a post unto its self. LOL... beautiful dresses... and I like the flowers being held low.
Hugs Laura

Wineplz said...

how beautiful! both pictures!

I really love your beauty pagent gown...I always wanted to be in a pagent! :) So did you win?

I did something similar...can't recall if you've already stopped by. http://www.wineplz.com/2008/05/18/we-now-know-why-theres-a-hole-in-the-ozone/

Harmony said...

You look absolutely beautiful in both pictures. I love that your prom date asked your dad!

OHmommy said...

Those pictures are awesome!

I have no old pictures of me. Amen. ;)

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Bew-tee-full!! What a great Meme Flea!

Mom Knows Everything said...

I'm going to have dig out a picture of my prom and scan it. Be fore warned though, I had a perm....very scary looking. LOL