Monday, June 2, 2008

And the Answer Is ...

Day one of answers to your questions! Yesterday I invited all of you, my bloggy friends, to ask me anything, and you've responded! In fact, feel free to continue asking questions until midnight Tuesday, CST. I'll be answering a little at a time, simply because it's hard for me, sometimes, to read through other people's Q&A's when they answer everything at once. And partly because I'm actually working this week and this will give me something fun to blog about before my brain shuts down every night.

Some of you asked the same questions. Some are easier than others. Let's start with Karen, of Simply A Musing Blog fame.

Where did the idea for Fred and Bessie and Formica Fields come from?

Fred and Bessie were a Christmas gift from my newlywed cousins. (No, no, no - my cousins didn't marry each other. A boy cousin married an adorable girl and NOW she's my cousin. I know I'm from Louisiana, people, but geez!) Anyway, they gave me cute salt and pepper shakers and I brought them home and set them on the counter, thinking I'd put them in the cupboard in the morning. No, I don't normally set things down without putting them away. Oh alright - yes I do.

AHEM The next morning I found Fred and Bessie posed here. Aren't they cute? And you can read the story of how they began there.

Formica Fields? Ugh. I love the name, but haven't touched the blog in weeks. Sorry. Fred and Bessie were such a hit that I thought they should have their own blog. In fact, several of you suggested as much. My Hunny came up with the name and I dug around, looking at how to go about it. I think the creation of the site was more fun than anything. Well, the photo taking was more fun than anything. And all of y'all's interaction with the cows.

But I made the decision to let the cows run away from home. I won't say mistake, because I've loved the creative energy which Dlyn and Mental P have put into their adventures in their homes. But with the bovines gone and no one to photograph, there's really no Formica Fields. Once they come home (I'm hoping they travel to England and Tennessee AT LEAST before they come home - let me know if you're interested in a visit), I plan to have a Grand
Re-Opening of Formica Fields. Thank you for asking!

Karen also asks:
What are your blogging goals? Where would you like your blog to be in the next year?

Blogging goals? You set goals? If there's one thing I've learned about myself in the last year, it's that I'm not really a goal setter. I think I learned that while rock climbing. Many of my fellow climbers study the wall, the holds, either from the ground or as they go. They watch other climbers to see how they get to the top. I do none of that. I just climb. Take each step as it comes. I know I expend more energy that way, but if I thought too hard, I'd never take the first step.

When the Hunny suggested I start a blog to stay in touch with my Florida buddies, I just did it. He actually said he'd come home that evening and help me figure it all out, but by the time he'd come home, I had my format figured out and my first post up.

I guess that's the way it is. When I set long term goals, I usually end up bored and having moved on the something else. So I wish I could give you some grand insight here, but I got nuthin'.

All that said, I really have set a little goal for myself, and that's to blog every day, regardless. I think I've missed one or two days since setting that goal. I enjoy the creative energy of the blog, but the monotony and challenge of posting every day and doing it well - I see that as an obstacle. Like tackling the wall. So it's not so much a long term goal. It's a means to an end. Which end? Learning to write well and consistently, to be tenacious and constant.

My Man in the Moon asks:
So what did Lil Bro say? And how do you get the pictures to line up the way you want them in the blog?
Oh I can just imagine what hunny could have said to that one if he is like the typical male. Please do tell....

As to Lil' Bro and the conversation, he called and asked something along the lines of, "So how's the new bra?" I responded, "It's supporting me." The Hunny's face contorted, since he knew to what I was referring, but heard a man on the other end. Heh. Lil' Bro's lovely wife reminded him that I'd included a warning in that post for both men and children, but he swears he didn't see it. Poor Lil' Bro.

Pictures lining up - I probably do this in the most laborious way possible (it's how I do everything). Maybe some of you can help me with this if you know a better way? As I'm writing, I import the pictures. Once they show up, I simply click and drag them down to where I want them. It took me awhile to figure out how to make sure there was enough space around the photos, that text didn't run over into them, and I still don't always get it right.

When I click the little photo thingy, the box which pops up has the option for positioning the photo - left, center and right. Center is easy, since text won't post around it. Just drag it where I want it, making sure to put a hard return between the last paragraph and the photo. If I post left or right, I make sure to place the photo just before the first letter of a new paragraph. Tada! Email me with any clarifications, or stay tuned for other bloggy friends who can help us both out, 'k?

Last will be Coffee Bean's questions. This has gotten long already, hasn't it? Sorry. She asks:
How's your new bra workin' out for ya? LOL!

Hmmmmmm... What is your favorite way to relax?

Dlyn also asked the foundational question:
Hmmmm - how do your boobs feel? In the new bra I mean? Just being ..... naked ;P

The new bra is working out very well, thank you very much. Supports me nicely. My back doesn't hurt. The Hunny likes it too.

My favorite way to relax? That's a stall tactic, see, asking the question again so as to have time to think about the answer. Is it working? No? I thought it worked pretty well, actually. Relaxing ... my favorite thing changes about every 6 months. Sometimes it's smocking, other times it's reading, lately it's been manipulating photos and blogging, as well as Sudoku online. Some years it's been tiling the floor. Yes, I love a good project. But I guess projects aren't relaxing, so I'll stick with the reading and Sudoku. But never cleaning house. Ever.

Thanks so much, everyone! I'll have more tomorrow, and please, ask away!

Until I write again ...


P.S. I emailed the Krispy Kreme people to complain about my cold donut experience. Ye, yes, I'm still a little steamed about the hot light and the cold donuts. It doesn't help that the Hunny periodically says "Hot donut" just to tweak me. Grr.


Mental P Mama said...

So much fun! Fred and Bessie are going to have a game of bridge tonight. And since we are on day one of a little healthier living here, they are getting a little restless...

Marguerite said...

Our bro called you up to ask that?!?! He must be getting brave or losing his inhibitions or... something... in his old age. :P

And while I am not a huge fan of Krispy Kreme, the broken promise of hot donuts is just cruel and unusual. There should be a law...

KG said...

Yeah . . . I always think projects are going to be fun and then they never turn out that way, Sudoku, however - ALWAYS fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... I cannot recall the last time I ate a donut... and I can't imagine e-mailing somewhere to complain about them being cold. ROFLMAO!

Dee said...

What are you going to do with that theology degree?

Mom Knows Everything said...

I'm still stunned about the whole bloggers are supposed to have goals thing??? Seriously is that like a blogging rule or something? I think I must have missed that in the terms of agreement with blogger. ;o)

Alright, it wasn't that funny, but I did make you chuckle right?

imbeingheldhostage said...

This was wonderful. I love these kind of posts, because I feel like we all get a little closer, you know what I mean? And I am so excited those sneaky little bovines may take the slow boat to England. Too bad they're not here now, I'd take them to see Phantom next week! Shhhh, it's a secret.

Anonymous said...

hot donut, hot donut, hot donut.

Oh, sorry, that was mean *g

Anonymous said...

This was fun to read!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you could send fred and bessie to Goergia if you want... just warn them ITS HOT here...:)

Lori said...

Hot....Oh, S-word! (shut up, that is) Kacey beat me to it!