Monday, June 2, 2008

The Colors! They're Making Me Crazy!

Because I'm now officially obsessed with the color of my home, I must torture you with my obsession. Behold, closer views of the color samples. Know that these may not be my final choices. I head to Sherwin Williams shortly for more sample paints.

Before I show you, I must acknowledge Mental P and TSannie and their declaration that I must keep to the mortar color. I think that would mean using one of the light colors, correct? Please correct me if I misunderstand. Because the Hunny and I are leaning toward the color on the left shown here:

The one on the right is a possibility, but really too gray for our taste. But then, see, there are the lighter and earthier tones. I won't even show you the lightest, as it's difficult to distinguish from the primer on the stucco. Ew.

See the one on the right? Sable Sand? I like that one, but friend Brandi pointed out that it would look very peachy were we to color the entire house in it.

The Hunny liked the one on the left, Barley. Really, though, not so much. For me. So I'm off to the paint store to find more samples. Maybe a nice eggplant, no? No. Hunny wants a mocha. We'll see. This is the worst part of all of this.

Wait! Before I wrap this up, I must let you know the master plan! I just assumed you'd know. This glorious color (whichever one we pick) will cover everything but brick and trim. Stucco, lap siding, all of it. The trim will be stark white. Red brick. Slate roof. Everything else this one color - not just the new panels. Does that make a difference? I like the green. :)

Until I write again ...


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