Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Completely Honest Answers

Right quick, before I answer questions, let me give a shout out to Coffee Bean and her contest! She's raising awareness for National Dystonia Awareness Week. Maybe raising awareness isn't correct, but seeing as I'd never heard of it before finding CB, she's raised my awareness of it. Check her out and enter!

Tammy, at Mom Knows Everything, asked a simple question, God bless her!
If there is one thing that you could change about your appearance what would it be? I'd have smaller "girls".

Bwahaha! Yeah, that's a thought. I walked around all last evening thinking about that. "Would I? Why would I? What the heck?" I think, though, that the girls are fine. If i could change a thing about my appearance, I'd have to say it's my overall size, and that's been gradually changing. I already dye my hair, even though I'd looked forward to being gray for 20 years. But it came in all steely and ugly, not a pretty silver or white, and my once red hair dulled to a weird dark brown. Weird for my still red-head complexion. Otherwise I love having thick, curly hair.

Wrinkles are virtually non-existent. I'm only 40. And genetically I don't think I'm really predisposed to them. The women in my family age quite nicely. Besides, I've always loved the look of age. It's so cool! So just the weight. Thanks Tammy!

Tanya the Art Butcher (when I initially stumbled on her site I thought it was Tanya T Heart Butcher - sorry Tanya!) asks:
Okay, I'll bite. What are five things which give you a burst of pleasure or make you feel incredibly fortunate when you see or use them?

What a difficult question! Yes, another stall tactic. How'd this one work? No? Darn! Sometimes my children give me a burst of pleasure to see them - asleep. I kid! Okay, no I don't. My espresso laptop makes me feel fortunate to see and use. My French press gives me a burst of pleasure every morning. Honestly, when I drive around Tulsa, a year and a half after moving here, I still feel extreme delight. I thank God for finally bringing me here. I drive down Yale, from 91st to 81st, and the vista coming over the hill takes my breath away. Or coming over a hill on 61st headed east. Or driving west on 91st from my house in the winter at twilight, when the sky is blushing and the trees are dark tendrils against it. Or in the spring, driving past Woodward Park on Peoria when the azaleas or daffodils are in bloom - incredible. I don't know if that's five.

Karen Deborah asks:
What was your most memorable vacation?

Vacations are a relatively new thing for us, now that the kids are older and we can all enjoy them. And I'd really have to say that my most memorable vacation was going to Disney as a kid, driving in my grandparents' RV from New Orleans to Orlando, stopping everywhere along the way. I think I was eight and Lil' Bro was seven. While there we heard on the radio about the Jim Jones massacre in Guyana (is that the right location?). I also remember talking my grandmother into buying a real tambourine for my souvenir, and using it in church for years.

Also Karen:
How did you meet Hunny and when did you know he was the one?

The Hunny I met - well I'm going to cheat here and link to the story. I knew he was the one though because ... I just knew. I felt like God smiled on it all. We had the same values and goals and beliefs (we thought).

Do you have a hobby besides the cows?

I smock! I do! And I love it! (you can click the photo t osee it bigger) I'm also teaching myself to tat. It's not as much fun as I'd hoped, but I'll do it to make trim for my smocking. Thanks for asking, Karen!

Again Karen:
One more, did you ever figure out what those plants were? Were they flowers or weeds? I know this could be weird, like how can someone forget names and dates on the calendar and still remember those little spikey plants/weeds???

The weird little plants haven't done anything since I photographed them over a month ago, so I begin to suspect that they're weeds, and the taller one is probably a lily. For both I'm holding out another month before I go back to check the answers and award photo prizes to the correct guessers, since nothing much has happened since I started wondering. Sorry. And no, you're not weird. I remember odd things as well. And I'm not weird! Really!

One last asker! Dlyn asks:
Hmmmm - how do your boobs feel? In the new bra I mean? Just being ..... naked ;P

Hey! That's an impertinent question! Dlyn! If you MUST know, they feel great! The new foundational garment is quite supportive and well worth every penny. I don't think I'll ever spend that kind of money on an undergarment again, unless it really is gold plated and does at least the vacuuming, but it was a good investment this time around. I think. Maybe you should ask me again in about a month ...

Well that's it for today! I'll be answering again tomorrow. Questions are closed. *whew* Oh! And I'm loving the orientation! The facility is gorgeous, lots of trees, a waterfall and koi pond, shaded paths. Beautiful, tranquil. The indoor facilities are also quite nice. And everyone is friendly and very patient focused. So far so good. I'll bring my syllabus home tomorrow and let you know about what I'll be learning. Things like depression and CPR.

Until I write again ...



Harmony said...

Wow...these were are really great questions, and I loved your answers to all of them. I am gonna have to think of a question and get back to you....

Mom Knows Everything said...

I'm still laughing over Dyln's question!!!

KG said...

Dyln's question rocks.

I'm kind of bummed there won't be more questions - I want to know if I'm hawt or not.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! You are such a good Flea!

Laski said...

These are great questions . . . I may steal a few . . .

Karen said...

It's always important to have the girls comfortable. With them taken care of you can work on the rest of your image.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the Q&A
If you like koi come on over LOL
remind me to talk martha into making a jungle boogie video LOL