Friday, June 27, 2008

Contest Winners

We have two winners! My boys went over the entries with fine tooth combs. Okay, really? They gave the slingshots a good once over. Check it out:

Little Guy didn't have a clue how it worked. He figured it out quickly enough. And I read the list of chicken names to him about eight times before he made up his mind (after pointing out that this chicken is a rooster). Chicken/rooster's new name is officially ... Fowler! Chelf, of Chelf Space (catchy name!) made this suggestion and is the proud new owner of her very own Fowler! Email m
e, please, with your snail mail address? Fleabyte at gmail dot com.

And Oatmeal Head only needed the list of cow names read through twice. He narrowed it down to two in the first read - Milkshake and Cowabunga. Ultimately Cowabunga won. Let's all give Rocky Cat a hand! I thought Milkshake was cute. Sorry Laskigirl. And will you email me your snail mail, Rocky Cat? Your very own Cowabunga will soon be on its way!

Little Guy just asked why he couldn't name the chicken Bob and the cow Steve. Because no one suggested those names, is why. And because cows are GIRLS. I don't know too many girls named Steve. Besides, Fowler and Cowabunga are perfectly good names for flying barnyard animals.

Thanks to everyone who played!

Until I write again ...



Karen said...

Your cow looks like it's flying. Did it join the circus?

rockygrace said...

Thanks, Flea! I love that cow - she'll have a good home with me!

Oh, and I think I e-mailed you my address, but my computer is kinda wonky this morning, so if you haven't received it, just let me know, okay?

Thanks again!

Harmony said...

Congrats to the contest winners...those are great names!

Anonymous said...

Good them!

MUD said...

You had a contest and I didn't enter? Shame on me for just glancing over the blogs that day. I am really bad at picking names anyway. Oh Well.

The Sports Mama said...

I once knew a girl named Brian, and I still know a man named Claire. No joke.

Congrats to the winners!

Chelf said...

A boy named Sue, a Cow named Norm, and a Chicken named Bob. Sounds fine to me.

Tell the contest judges that I said Thank You.

Chelf said...

Oh, and I went and looked at the original post pictures. Cow has udder... therefore is Girl.

Just saying. :-)

Wineplz said...

great names! :)