Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yes! It's that time again! A Name That Cow and Chicken contest! Little Guy will judge the chicken naming contest, and Oatmeal Head will judge the cow naming contest! No picking out a hat, either. Names they really like. The prizes? Your very own slingshot flying cow and chicken, of course!

To aid in the naming, here's a shot of Flying Screaming Slingshot COW:

And a shot of Slingshot Flying Chicken:

May the best namer win! Deadline is midnight CST Wednesday, June 25th. Leave your comments starting .... nnnnnnnow!

Until I write again ...



CanadianMama said...

I think that you should name the Chicken Roy!

Chelf said...

Hmmm. There are so many puns to come up with.

Cow should be Chip. Or Tipper.

Chicken should be Fowler. (Fowl being bird and R being for Rubber...yeah, a stretch, but I like it.)

Flinging Fowl is usually a bad thing, but this looks fun!

Harmony said...

Okay...this is kind of hard...

Cow: Burger

Chicken: Fried

Hmmm...maybe that is a little harsh. How about..

Cow: Norm (I just went City Slickers on you...I have always wanted a cow named Norm)

Chicken: Florentine...I like it

Anonymous said...

Oh, I shall have to think about this. Do I really want these things flying about my house? (I almost got the monkey one for the monkey obsessed child of mine, note I ALMOST got it LOL) Hmmmm I will think about it and consult and get back to you :-D

Debbie said...

Chicken: Top Gun
(has wings..duh)

Cow: Mooner
(jumped over the moon)

Unknown said...

Cow: Hef

Chicken: Plucker

Anonymous said...

Okay... the name for the chicken is in..

are you ready?
are you sure???

Still working on a cow name...

Ruthie said...

I's say "CoraLee Cow" and "Chillin' Chicken".

Laski said...


For me . . . everything has something to do with food . . .

Anonymous said...

Noodles (chicken) and Daisy.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Cow - Eugene
Chicken - Wilfred

Anonymous said...

Okay, he gave me the name for the cow... Old MacDonald

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Ethel is the cow.

Gilbert is the chicken.

Karate Mom said...

The cow should be Cornelius and the chicken should be Percival.
I don't know why. Just because.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

chicken is DUDLEY

Anonymous said...

Cow....Spothead Fly Guy

Chicken: Feathered Fly Girl

Julie said...

Oh this is fun!!

Chachi Chicken & Uncle Udders

rockygrace said...

Cow: Cowabunga
Chicken: Squawk

Lame, but it's the best I could do.

Lori said...

Oh, my! I am sad to miss ANY contest, but I really don't need another sling-shot animal in my house. My mother bought a monkey (which hilariously is dressed in an old-fashioned flight helmet and scarf) that screams what I am sure is Monkey Cursing when my child slings it across the room.
I love the idea of naming them though! I like laskigal's suggestions!