Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crazy Eights

Mental P has tagged me for a meme! Several of my bloggy friends are already doing this one, so I'm hard pressed to tag others. But you know me - I'll do my best. Heh. Because it's Saturday and I'm running out the door, I'll get right to it.

Eight Things I Have a Passion For:
  1. My Hunny (mm mm mm - this is a family blog, so 'nuff said)
  2. My kidlets (am passionate about them cleaning their rooms and feeding the DOGS already!)
  3. My relationship with my Creator (that should be first - shoot me for being honest, already)
  4. Blogging (again with the honesty! Geez!)
  5. Research (y'all just don't know ...)
  6. My extended family (yeah, that should be number 4 - leave me alone)
  7. Photography (Secret love affair with Mr. Rebel - don't tell the Hunny)
  8. Apologetics (C.S. Lewis anyone?)
Eight Things I Would Like to do Before I Die:
  1. Be published (Gotta agree with Mental P on this one, but mine is a bovine book dream)
  2. Take a cruise with my Hunny
  3. Travel all over the West - see the Grand Canyon! Mount Rushmore! The redwood forests! Visit Tanya Brown and Asthmagirl!
  4. Finish grad school (hopefully in ten years or so)
  5. Make Maybelline's wedding dress (I made my own. What's one more?)
  6. Smock dresses for children's daughters (they'd better all have lots of daughters is all I'm sayin')
  7. See all of my children graduate college and marry happily
  8. Make my own stained glass window (something Frank Lloyd Wright-ish)
Eight Things I Say a Lot:
  1. Geez-o-flip!
  2. Good night Irene
  3. Hi-howareya (that's all one word)
  4. What in the Sam Hill?
  5. Crapzilla
  6. Yer a goober
  7. Mommy's tired
  8. Feed the dogs!
Eight Books I Have Read Recently:
  1. The Stone Diaries Carol Shields (good, but not as good as I expected it to be)
  2. Postmodern Times, by Gene Veith (good, but dated)
  3. Designed for Dignity Richard Pratt (a new author for me, and the professor of my first grad class - surprisingly easy read for a PhD)
  4. Reaching for the Invisible God Philip Yancey (Yancey is never anything BUT good)
  5. The Book Thief Markus Zusak (won this in In the Gutter's contest - LOVED IT)
  6. Systematic Theology Louis Berkhof (I actually loved this very long tome of the tiny print)
  7. Blue Like Jazz Donald Miller (another surprisingly good read)
  8. The Abolition of Man C.S. Lewis (best consumed slowly, like good dark chocolate)
Eight Movies I Have Seen Eight Times:
Do you know how difficult it was to think of movies I've seen eight times? Ask me about books I've read at least eight times and seven pop to the top of my brain, but MOVIES. Sheesh.
  1. The Lion King
  2. Aladdin
  3. Beauty and the Beast
  4. Somewhere in Time
  5. Superman
  6. It's a Wonderful Life
  7. The Wizard of Oz
  8. A Christmas Story
Eight People I Have to Invite to do This Meme:
I have a thing for tagging people who are new to me, but the first one is just a good friend who's fun to ANNOY :) Heh.
1. Zobabe!
2. Harmony
3. Colleen
4. Audra
5. My Man in the Moon
6. MUD (I don't think he'll play along, but I'd like to see what Mean Uncle Denny wants to do before he dies that he hasn't already done)
7. Jonny's Mommy
8. Jules

That's it! Enjoy! And have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back on Monday, hopefully adjusting to the new schedule.

Until I write again ...



Tanya Brown said...

Fun meme. And I respect you even more because of the absence of "Momma's watchin' her stories" in the Things You Say A Lot category.

Marguerite said...

You forgot "Top Gun" in that movie list. I will never let you and Chew live that down. :P

Harmony said...

Hooray...another MEME! I will have to give this some thought.

Anonymous said...

OH! Aren't you FUNNY. Mission accomplished. And yes, I get it. Annoy. LOL I'm pretty stoked you called me "good friend" tho, so, for YOU....

Mental P Mama said...

Great answers! Thanks for playing along...and I hope all goes well this weekend!

Mom Knows Everything said...


MUD said...

I posted my Bucket list last month. There just isn't many movies I would want to see 8 times and no book that I would sit through twice. Well, I have read the entire WEB Griffin series twice but I'm getting old and they have a lot of detail I have forgotten.
I will put in order my favorite meals
1. Beans and Cornbread.
2. About any steak
3. Fajitas with all the fixings
4. Smoked Turkey dinner
5. Rib dinner
6. Any meal that starts with a salad and ends with watermelon for dessert.
7. Topeka Steak House Wednesday night special of fried chicken. They give you a half of chicken and always ask if you want more. I never do.
8. Breakfast at Hy Vee in Lawrence. (That's a grocery store with a buffet on the weekend)
9. Lunch with my momma. Cept, she loves Taco Hell and I can't abide the stuff.
10. Thanksgiving with My family.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Can I just say, thank you for NOT thinking of me. These cows are keeping me busy. No really. When I get a moment to myself, I have photos of their first Village Fete, another trip to Norwich, tea at an American table in Great Britain and more.
They are a busy couple of bovines, who thankfully survived a sneak kiss attack by the little Missy while I was upstairs (THAT got my adrenaline pumping!). They send their love!

Wineplz said...

I feel sorry for the dogs! although that reminds me I need to feed my own. ;) thanks for tagging me...I'll get it up eventually!
and if I could I would be reading more books, so it should be interesting as to what my 8 are. :D

Karen said...

How fun! And so amusing that I'm not the only one who lists cartoons as movies I've seen too many times.