Saturday, June 7, 2008

Left Field

Yay! The weekend is here! Sleeping in .. wait, no, I'm taking my van to the mechanic in a minute. Check Engine light = complete tune up.

I'm Being Held Hostage asks the next question:
Have you ever felt like you "fit in"? And no, this is NOT a bra reference...

And at what age did you stop worrying about other people's opinions.
Left field questions, I know.

I fit in! Why do you imply that I don't? I've always fit in! I can prove it! How could anyone who produces things like this NOT fit in?


Okay, I miss Fred and Bessie.

And to be fair, I really should answer the question. And I would. If I could. But see, there's always been that line for me. The part of me that doesn't care what other people think has always been there, always been part of my personality. The part that cares has gradually gotten smaller, but I think there's always been an element of needing to just be me, come hell or high water. Ask Lil' Bro. He was always mortified to be seen with me growing up. In fact, we'd be waiting for the bus in the morning and he'd look at me and say, "You're not wearing that to school, are you?" Me: "What? Yes!" LB: "No you're not." And he'd make me go in and change. For years I thought maybe I was color blind.

So I don't think I've ever cared very much what other people think. It gets me in trouble. But it's good. So there. On the flip side, I care about other people, their feelings, who they are, so I do my best not to offend. I don't think it's the same as caring that people are judgmental. It's caring ABOUT people. Not so much about ME. When I care what other people think about ME, that's jsut self-centered. When I care what others think in general, that's caring. Period. Does that make sense? But it's not valiant. Again, it's personality and upbringing. Thanks, Mom! You did a good job.

Dee asks a pointed question, my favorite kind (hint: don't beat around the bush with me, people - I'm dense):
What are you going to do with that theology degree?

I have no earthly idea. For those of you who don't know, I'm pursuing a Master's of Theology online from Reformed Theological Seminary. At the rate I'm going I should graduate the two year program in about ten years, with time off for good behavior. I've absolutely loved the one class I've taken so far.

When the Hunny and I discussed my going back to school (finally!), we both thought I'd want to pursue and MFA in Creative Writing. Looking through the coursework for that degree, none of the classes appealed to me. In fact, they were all downright icky. So I thought for awhile about what I'd want to write ABOUT. And I thought some more. That's always been the problem, see. No, not thinking! What to write about.

It's no secret that I love, love, love C.S. Lewis. The Chronicles of Narnia make me weep. But did you also know that I love Phil Yancey? His What's So Amazing About Grace and Disappointment With God were pivotal for me. And World magazine, to which I had a subscription at the time, was influential. I thought that apologetics was what I'd like to write about. Explaining what I know and believe in a relatable fashion, in allegory and metaphor. So the next logical step was seminary. And RTS had the perfect generic degree - religion. When I say generic, I really just mean that it will give me a good background of knowledge and insight on a little of everything. Perfect.

Will I really be writing apologetics? I have no clue. I just like to converse in written form. My introverted self communicates much better that way. In real life I wind up listening much more than talking. I think. You'll have to ask my face-to-face friends.

Well, friends, that wraps up the Q&A. Thanks so much for playing along and allowing me to be all naked here on the internet! (I never get any fun hits when I say things like that, dang it! Maybe it's because I follow it up with dang it ...) What will I do next week, now that I have no questions to answer? I still have another week of orientation! But we were told today that next Tuesday is Poop Day, so I know that at least one day next week I'll have something interesting to write about ...

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

I think I now know you better than I know myself! And for the record, fred and Bessie are missing you, too. They will be bringing you up to date on Monday...

noble pig said...

How long is Fred and Bessie's vacation?

Tammy said...

Ya know I'm kinda like the bra references. LOL

k said...

You listen more now than when you were a kid. Then, it was all yak-yak. I'm proud of you - for lots of reasons.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I like these answers-- and no I wasn't assuming you didn't fit in. I've just noticed that the general consensus is most people never see in themselves what others see in them-- so yes, Bravo to your Mom for instilling your self-awareness/confidence (is that the word I'm looking for? -- you're the writer) :-)

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Thanks for sharing about your education, I think that makes perfect sense, to study what interests you which therefore fuels your writing.

Colleen said...

I keep wondering if I'll ever do anything with my Religious Studies degree. Right now it comes in handy for understanding religious jokes.