Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Round Two

Round two! But before I do, an update: Yesterday was day one of orientation for my new job of psych tech at the psychiatric hospital. Day one is a general orientation for all new hires in the hospital system, so there were about two hundred of us. I think only three of us are working at the psychiatric hospital. People looked at me funny when I told them where I'd be working. Geez. It's not contagious. Yeah, I had sensitivity training today. So there.

From Laura Peach:

why is your brothers nick name chewey? My first thought way star wars but you said no....

My baby brother was born when I was eleven, so I certainly had no excuse for not being able to pronounce Matthew. Other than I was eleven and lazy. I called him Machew. Then Chew. Then Chewy. It stuck for as long as I was at home. I always thought it was cute, but I doubt that his friends in the university microbiology department call him Chewy. Ya never know.

Laura also asks (and I'll try to give the brief answers because Laura's a question hog - love you Laura!)

I love remembered stories from childhood,

Like favorite vacation? - riding the steam engine from New Orleans to Hattiesburg, MS and back, bandannas on the face, robbing the concession stand on the train - I think I was 14. Later this summer I'll do a photo montage of the young Flea in pictures - wait! Where are you going? I have photos of the little Flea with the bandanna! Come back!

favorite school memory? - probably anything that involved playing basketball - other than running suicides

Best tale you can tell on your parents... - my mom, when I was little, pulled a great April Fool's joke on my dad. He was the king of April Fool's but she hid his keys and told him that someone had taken them and was breaking into his garage (his mechanic business) across the street. He ran out into the street in his underwear, she called his name, and when he turned around mom was dangling the keys. Mom, you can correct me here if I've gotten it wrong?

brother.... - Lil' Bro - so many good ones, but he lives close enough to retaliate. He had this little pukey green Vega when we were in high school that all the kids called the Baby (insert your own expletive here) Green Machine. The floor boards were rusted out, so hitting puddles guaranteed wet feet. It was a Fred Flintstone machine.

Kids... - Just the story about them cussing. Oatmeal Head came running in, at about 5 or 6, yelling, "Daddy! Maybelline just said the S word!" Before the Hunny could get worked up I asked, "Oatmeal Head, what's the S word?" "Shut up." Following up on that I asked, "And the F word?" "Fart."

Hubby... - See, if he read my blog I'd have to worry. But he doesn't. Hmm. Probably when we were newlyweds and I killed our phone by watering the plant hanging above it and he went out spent a buttload of money on a fancy phone. We couldn't afford it. I made him return it. He'd never returned anything in his life and was mortified. I made him do it anyway. I think he still resents me for it. J/K! I did make him return it though.

favorite author and why... - Hands down, C. S. Lewis. Why? Again with the repeating of the question as stall tactic. Still not working? He makes me think every time i read him. Even the 35th read through a book. His fiction makes me cry. As an INTJ, it takes an awful lot to move me emotionally. And at my size, it takes an awful lot to move me period. But Lewis moves me, Bob. He shows me things from a different angle, giving the world, theology, philosophy a fresh face. I see things well through his eyes. I like that. That was a tough one, Laura. Hope I answered coherently.

favorite food ... drink... - Food depends on the day and time. Today? I'd have to say I could really go for a spinach pine nut fettucine alfredo with grilled shrimp. Drink, same think - day and time. I'd LOVE a glass of chardonnay with that (sorry Noble Pig! I meant a glass of ... of ... something else!).

Well, that's about all I can muster tonight. I wasn't really home till after nine last night. Oatmeal Head had his skateboard thing, but it was the big party with prizes for the whole family, so I hit the ground running after orientation. Tonight I promise to visit some of you. I hate being too busy to say hi to friends and poke my nose into your business. :)

Until I write again ...



Laura ~Peach~ said...

COOL STUFF!!!!!! I love C S Lewis too... LOL on Matchew..I call a friend of mine's second son Matchewwwww just to annow him as he is a teen now... but when he was little it just fit him LOL
Love youtoo! enjoy the new JOB ...
Hugs Laura

Anonymous said...

Some cute memories there for sure. Whenever my kids cuss I ask them if they kiss their mother with that mouth so they do! Great way to wedge a kiss out of someone!

I hope the job works for you!

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Good luck with the job!
Thanks for the peek into your life :)

SimplyAmusingDesigns.com said...

I don't know if I left a comment yesterday, it's sort of a blur, but I love the Q&A!!!

Mom Knows Everything said...

I LOVE the hiding the keys joke! That's hilarious....I should try it on hubby. hehehe

Kareen said...

Yup - that's how it went down with the keys. And you also used Chewy because he was teething at the time and chewing on everything - it just fit.

Mental P Mama said...

Exciting news about your new job! Keep us posted. I love these little trips into your life! It's good exercise;)

dlyn said...

I believe that insanity IS contagious - right now my in laws* are trying to give it to me and coming darned close to succeeding!

*who I love

Anonymous said...

I love the story about the S and F words! How cute!

Hey, I am trying to get the word out about something on my blog and having a little contest. Come check it out!

Wineplz said...

I used to call my uncle Matt-chew! Somehow it never morphed into "Chewy" even though we are huge Star Wars fans. I think Chewy is a cute nickname, though. :)