Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome Home, Mr. Rebel!

Guess what! GUESS WHAT!!! Mr. Rebel is home!!! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit! I took pictures of the mess around me to prove it!

See the computer corner? And the other end of my couch? (I'm sitting on the Mom end) Messy. Now I know why I don't work full time. The house disintegrates while I'm gone. Ugh.

No one else has this problem, right? You get really busy. The clutter piles up. The kids do whatever they want. That never involves cleaning of any sort. Y'all never have that happen.

The other thing you never have happen (I just know it!) is that bills and correspondence pile up, magazines, just stuff, on your flat surfaces. Never, right? I just know it.

Mr. Rebel does a fine job of capturing my mess. Don't you agree?

I took a picture of the coffee table and its mess. Aren't y'all the luckiest friends in the world, being treated to my mess? Why, it's almost like you're here. I don't not clean for just anyone you know. That's not exactly true. I don't clean much. But it's worse with my having been gone for days at a time.

Speaking of being gone, I'm having a great time in training. Today was Poop Tuesday. When I told the Hunny about it this weekend, he put his fingers in his ears and sang lalalala! He doesn't tolerate well body fluids and by-products. I was afraid that I'd be made to dissect human waste then tested on the process, but we went over the procedure in the manual and were done. Painless. Yay! Odorless. YAY!

I feel like playing catch up, since Mr. Rebel is back. A shot from my front door,
per Dlyn's meme.

The hosta's coming along quite nicely.

Wait! Here's what it looked like May 17th - less than a month ago:

Cool, huh?

The Peace rose has taken quite the beating, between hail and ferocious thunderstorms. Last week it bloomed beautifully, but I had no camera, so y'all get the beat up look.

And lookit! While my mom and I were out and about on Memorial Day, we found the most adorable garden shop! Mom got a chocolate mint plant for the Hunny (yes, it's in its own container). There were some of the most hilarious garden toys there, and one was this ... thing. It's a duck, I suppose. I like to think of it as my very own pink flamingo.

Is it even pink? It's darn cute, whatever it is. I can't wait to head back to that little shop in a month or so and see what else is in.

Tomorrow I'll post shots of the back yard garden. Hopefully next month I'll have pictures of the exterior of the house with repairs done. Slowly but surely. Then maybe I can get around to finishing the dining room WALL.

Mr. Rebel is home. *sigh* I'm so happy.

Until I write again ...



imbeingheldhostage said...

You are so funny, and a quality tour guide as well. I actually came home to a clean house (but the baby sitter would rather stick a pencil in her eye than do it again), so I skimmed across your messy pics-- don't want to stress myself at bedtime.
BTW, your comment at my place made me laugh out loud,and my kids are trying to sleep!

AutoSysGene said...

Welcome Home, Mr. Rebel! Now no more breaking!!

Mental P Mama said...

Welcome Back Camera! I don't think that qualifies as a mess by the way. How can the poop be not smelly?

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Mr. Rebel!!!!

But, um, your mess? If I wanted to see that, I'd just sit with my eyes open in the middle of my own house. I come to your place for respite!

Mayberry Magpie

Mom Knows Everything said...

Where's the mess? Man you don't even wanna see my house. I napped today and I think a hurricane struck while I was sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Hey it looks fine...that's nothing I tell you!

Anonymous said...

WOOT! Welcome home, you Rebel, you! Glad you got him fixed, Flea! I missed your pics.

Karen Deborah said...

God bless you. I live in a teenage, 5 pet pigsty. I am always fussing because no one but me ever SEES anythinmg that needs doing. The girls are put out that I made them vacuum, well tough, they should do it every day. You are very brave to photograph all that and wonderful, I don't feel so alone in my house full of messes.
glad you got your camera back. How do you like your new job?

Harmony said...

Glad that you have old friends home for visits....isn't a nice feeling? I have been trying to get rid of my own Mr. Rebel for quite some time...who knows, maybe I will miss him when he is gone...if he ever leaves that is.

Laski said...

Ugh . . . the office is such a mess (my mess) that Laski GUY moved into the kitchen . . .

Now nothing but blogging and picture uploading are done in here.

As for the kitchen, the unimportant stuff like bill paying, get done there :)

Love the Hostas--looking lovely!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Yay! I am in love with my rebel too. Your plants are looking lovely, my chocolate mint is one of the few herbs in my garden really flourishing. Smells good too.

Karen said...

Chocolate mint? Now you've given me something else to try. I'm a woman on a mission now to find and plant.

CanadianMama said...

Welcome back Mr. Rebel, I really missed you!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

welcome home mr rebel I have missed you~

Wineplz said...

that looks like my whole house. every flat surface has paper and clutter and what-not on it. everytime I think of starting to straighten it up, I make the excuse, "I don't have anough time to start that now" and I don't do it. Maybe if I take a day off of work but still send the kids to school I'll be able to get some done. :)