Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gone the Sun

Finally! The day is done. The family's asleep. It's nearly midnight, and I'm getting up to walk with a friend in the morning. And am too wound up to sleep. Wanna see what I did in the daylight hours, when I was too busy to go near the computer?

First I painted a small section of the dining room wall with a tiny little bottle of purple paint. I LOVE the little bottles of paint! I mean, looking at the color, I
thought it perfect for the wall, but now that it's on, I'm not so sure. And I didn't have to spend fifteen bucks on a gallon to find out. So Mental P, this shot's for you. Tell me what you think? Too dark?

Then I went outside to tend the garden, found that one of the squash plants I started in February is Butternut, and was distracted by Patches, who was rolling on the ground. Isn't she pretty?

In fact, it looked like a good idea. So good I had to try it myself. Actually, I think it was at Dlyn's blog I saw pictures of the sky and thought it a really cool idea. For your viewing pleasure, pictures of the sky from my backyard. Where I rolled around with the dog. I should have checked first to make sure it wasn't - you know - a potty spot. But everything was fine. In case you were worried. :)

Then there was this one:

That's my house! With one coat of green!

Wait, wait, wait! One more of both Babies!

I might get around to the Front Yard/Back Yard Meme tomorrow. We'll see. Until then I plan to sleep.

Loved all your responses to the dining room table question. Zobabe - toss those necessary papers!

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever told you that you are just crazy? lol I love the fact that you rolled around with the doggies.

Mental P Mama said...

I love it! I am a big fan of the unique...and I love that tone. I hope you finally got some sleep.

Trisha said...

What a good way to spend a day! How did the walk go? I finally got myself out of bed to walk this morning after several days of sickness being my excuse to sleep in!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I feel like I've been away for WEEKS! I love your sky photo. I took several while I was in Colorado. Photos of sky and trees. Two of my favorite things about Colorado.

And thanks for the bloggy award! How ironic I'm not blogging right now. Darn technical difficulties. Apple is usually so reliable. Not sure what's happening but hope to be back full speed soon.

Mayberry Magpie

Harmony said...

I love that color on your wall...it looks great! Your dogs are adorable...mine is currently jumping on the couch like a 5 y/o boy...silly dog! You sky looks beautiful...and can you believe it, I am on my second day of blue skies, it feels heavenly!!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful babies!! You are such a nut, out there with the dogs. I can't say anything, really, since I'm kitty-guilty of the same thing. *whistling*

Your sky looks beautiful, and it makes the atmosphere look cool in a comfy-temperature sort of way. Makes me wanna go outside and bask.

Marguerite said...

Beautiful color, just a tad too dark. Lighten it up some and I think it will be perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why but the sky pics made me dizzy, but they are beautiful.

dlyn said...

Hmmmm - not a fan of purple or pink or purply-pink or pinky-purple or any other sort of purple. Except mayb on a flower. But I think that your dining room wall are going to end up looking very rich and dramatic. How about a nice dark teal? Hee hee!

And I am so glad I inspired to you to go lay in your yard - everyone needs a rest from time to time!

CanadianMama said...

I would comment on the colors but I'm so horrible with that stuff (luckily I have a friend who's good with those things, she's decorated our whole house - honest).
I love the sky pics and the house looks great!
Hope you are having a wonderful sleep with lots of wonderful Flea dreams!

Wineplz said...

nothing like a good roll in the grass and some sky-gazing. :)

and I'm thinking the purple seems a bit bright? maybe one with more grey tones to it?

AutoSysGene said...

Love the color of your house! It looks great!

KG said...

I think that purple looks too dark ... but maybe if you balance it out by painting the bottom half white or something it won't be so dark looking?

Lori said...

Hmmm...the purple has a very blue tone to it. Do you like the wine-y colors? Maybe a purple with a more red base? But hey, it is YOUR dining room!