Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mug Meme!

Y'all crack me up. Between your responses to the reading level of your own blogs (and my over-educated bovines) to your nail polish colors - who knew nail polish colors would raise such a stir! FYI - I think I tried black polish once, while going through a phase. What ? Three years ago? No, no, no - in college.

Today's post is brought to you by the lovely, "still having my birthday a week later", Jan Parrish, at Bold & Free. She tagged me for a Mug Meme! A little bizarre, I know. And who the heck wants to see my mugs? Jan has some beautiful coffee mugs. Mine? Not so much. But I dragged them all out of the cupboard last night to photograph them. Fortunately, everyone was outside and no one told me I was crazy. All back in the cupboards before anyone the wiser.

These three mugs are never used. Ever. From left to right, the mug I accidentally left the cafeteria with while in college (stole - shhh!). My Hunny's PacMan mug. The Hunny's Kermit mug. I like them all. No desire to use them. They live on the top shelf.

This photo is our most used mugs, including my all time favorite, from which I'm sipping coffee as I write. Mmmm. Guess which one it is! It's this one:

This baby is large and thick, with a roomy handle. The Hunny was given it as a graduation gift from college back in 2001. It's cute, too.

These are the back up mugs. You know - in the winter when you're using a lot of mugs and the dishwasher hasn't been run, or when everyone's had hot cocoa in the favorites. We love the thick Life is Good mugs. And that Starbucks mug? Little - came with a gift pack. But so CUTE!

Last, but not least, these three are just mugs I like to look at. Well, the LSU Tigers mug was a gift from Grandma for Little Guy after a trip to Louisiana. It's a great mug, but it's not mine. The yellow and green was a gift after finishing a ladies' Bible study at a church we no longer attend. I love the yellow and green together. And the Coca Cola - what's not to love?

I'm not in the mood to tag today. Sorry. So for all you meme lovers out there, consider yourselves tagged. I have yard work to do! :) Stay tuned for more pictures of This Crappy House. We may have settled on the color, and I need y'all's opinion once again! It's different than the last batch - of course.

Until I write again ...



imbeingheldhostage said...

I love your mugs! Whoa, that sounded a little naughty, didn't it?

Wineplz said...

glad I'm reading this at work because if Gavin saw your Hunny's Kermit mug? Mass chaos and much wailing and gnashing of teeth. He LOVES Kermit and then some. So if y'all don't mind leaving it in your will to my 4-year old... :)

GolfBoy said...

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