Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Thoughts?

Random stuff tonight. First, my thanks to all the advice on keeping my sneakers from squeaking. It's been awhile, yes, but I'm wearing them tonight at work and they're not squeaking. I powdered both the inside and the soles. Yay for no squeaks! MUD, was that your idea? If so, thank you. :)

Second, I have no idea what second is. I'm all out of whack. It's been what? A month and a half now that I've been at this job? The first two weeks were orientation. Forty hour weeks after not having worked a full time or real job in years. Substitute teaching doesn't count, as that was sporadic and occasional. Third week on this job was 50+ hours, all at night. Initiation of sorts, I guess. And the last four weeks I've done my 24 hours a week, on Saturday and Sunday nights.

I know I'm whining. I know that. Slap me now, will ya? I hate whiners. This week I subbed for a co-worker and put in an extra 8 hours Thursday night. I feel really wonky right now. May I 'splain, Lucy?

Here's the deal: I take a natural thyroid medication every morning. So far that has been a regular thing and I manage to still take it every morning, regardless of whether or not I work. I also use a natural compound progesterone cream (my progesterone levels were rock bottom) every morning. Same thing with it, that I still use it every morning. The kicker has been my Adderall XR, for my ADD. It's a beautiful thing, no? It keeps me awake all night at work. But that means I take it at night the nights I work. Throwing off that med schedule. So Saturday morning I take none till about five in the afternoon. Same on Sunday. Skip Monday (so I can sleep - it's an amphetamine), start over on Tuesday.

This has thrown my body for a little loop. Thursday threw me for a bigger loop. I took it Thursday evening, skipped Friday so I could sleep, didn't take the Adderall till Saturday evening. I can't take it too late in my day or I won't sleep. And it's been obvious that I've been off of it. I've been very tired and out of it. Driving me crazy.

The nurse I work with recommended I take it Monday morning anyway, stay up as much as possible, with naps, and go to sleep early on Monday nights. Sounds good. We'll see. I'm wondering if any of you have worked nights and had any experiences even remotely like this?

Thirdly, I'm frustrated about my weekends. Which no longer exist. I've always taken them for granted. Now my family does life without me all weekend while I either sleep or work. It's really weird and I'm wondering if they resent it or not. I might. I keep telling myself that we're all still adjusting to this. And I really do like my job.

My job - I like it very much. The girls are all sweet. I feel a little bit like a mom here, somewhat like an older aunt. I love filing papers and having a fixed schedule for what I do. Much better than the times I've done any kind of phone work or customer service. And the clientèle is much smaller. I mean that figuratively, y'all. All of this proving, again, that I'm an introvert, not an extrovert. The quiet nights are wonderful.

So that's where I am. Oh! Another frustration? (As long as I'm whining) I don't have nearly the same time to check out all of y'all's blogs like I did. I know, right? I'm busier here at work than I thought I'd be (which I like), and I sleep more at home than I'd like. That, and so many chores at home just don't get done like they once did, so my weeks are busier. I guess I didn't realize how much I got done, or at least supervised. It sure doesn't feel like much when I'm home. I'm not a natural housekeeper, as was evidenced by my dresser photo.

Speaking of the dresser photo, yes, that is a CPAP machine on my husband's nightstand. I posted about it a few months ago if you'd like to read his story. I'm so glad he has it! If you're interested, I also posted about my Little Guy's journey with ADHD and meds here. I think the post regarding my own journey and my weight is in the month of May, but the hospital's system won't let me go there because I discuss substance abuse. Hmph.

So I'll see y'all in the AM.

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

Wow. That is one full plate my dear. It is hard to do the night thing I know, and I think it's a good idea to stay up as much as possible on Mondays to get back on track faster. It's like jet lag... Good luck!

dlyn said...

Wow - I think that schedule would mess anyone up! I have worked nights before and I really didn't adjust all that well. I think it is even harder when it is just a few nights a week. All the time and you could just stay up all night on your days off, but that won't work here. No experience with the meds, so I can't offer any advice there.

I struggle with finding work that meshes well with our life. I work from home for a variety of companies and try very hard to not work weekends or evenings when Larry is home. That is when the bulk of the work I do is avaialble though, so like I said - it's a struggle. But youyr kids and husband will probably get closer to one another and become more proficient at getting things done. I would assign the kids some of the stuff you used to do - they need to learn how to take care of themselves, right? So housework is good for them! Yay!

Trisha said...

Nothing like life to mess you up! First of all - I am glad that you like your job - that is important because a bad job drains the soul right out of you.

Second - while I was in college I worked nights all summer at UPS. It was weird working when the rest of my family was sleeping. I would get home and have to stay up to unwind and then I would crash. I always ended up getting up in the afternoon and spent that time with family. It was tough but I was a college kid with little responsibility. I admire you doing it as a repsonsible adult.

Third - hang in there!

Connie Pombo said...

If I could I'd send you my "Angel Maids"! I'm still coming down from the high of a clean house (I can actually think!). Now that's a perk!

Yes, I did work nights at the hospital for two years while putting hubby through school (for the SECOND time!). I loved it (night shift), but it did throw my body out of whack. The weekends were the hardest part because I just got my body adjusted and then threw it off again by sleeping too much on the weekends.

I finally ended up keeping the same schedule on the weekends, which was CRAZY. My boys were three and eight at the time...I call that period of time the "lost" years.

You take care of "YOU" and we'll always be here--your bloggy friends!


Tanya Brown said...

I worked rotating shifts for about a decade, so I sympathize. I wish I had some helpful tips, but I don't. I felt exhausted and like one or the walking dead for most of that decade. And yes, one's family life and house chores do go to pot. One's health can suffer, also.

Wishing you the best -

Anonymous said...

Working nights must be so hard, I feel for you. I always thought I would be able to sleep enough during the day and then I'd fal asleep at work.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hi Flea, I just popped on to say "Hi" and started reading. Well, I can see I am waaaaaay behind on details, but I can sure pray starting right now. God bless you as you juggle schedules, changes, meds, issues -- we all have them, but sometimes a big shift finds us colliding with ourself for a bit. Hope you can get some rest and find the meds routine that works. My sons used to take a flurry of meds, but Andrew's in Heaven (no meds needed there -- Hooray!) and Matthew takes only vitamin supplements that enhance and relax as needed to manage his autistic tendancies. God has been faithful to provide direction and resources ... but it took time to adjust every time we made a change (no matter how small). Okay, I'm off for now, but I will be back to visit and read and enjoy this bloggy linked up world. ~~bye-bye~~

Debbie said...

If you didn't love your job, I'd say stay home, but obviously you're enjoying it. My hat's off to you because you are juggling a lot. I'm getting ready to go back to work also and I dread it.

I worked nights a couple of times in Air Force and my body did not like it. It's hard, so be nice to yourself and if your house is dirty...who the heck cares. Let someone else clean some and get rid of everything you don't need! :)

God bless ya girl!

Snooty Primadona said...

Yes, that sounds like a harrowing schedule and I know it's difficult to get meds adjusted, especially for the the ADHD child. We dealt with that years and now our son says he doesn't think he was ever ADHD. He's 25 now.

My biggest piece of advice is this:

Don't worry about cleaning the house. The family is more important. I regret all the wasted time I spent on keeping a clean house, when I should have just been enjoying my kids.... Now they're grown, so that time is lost forever.

Burgh Baby said...

Oye. Trying to work an off schedule and the transition getting there is tough. I hope you're able to get into a routine that works soon!

Wineplz said...

my mom worked midnights as a nurse in a hospital for like 15 years. If she worked Sunday night, but was off Monday night, she'd come home Monday morning, sleep for a short time, then get up and go to bed maybe a little early (i.e. 8pm or 9pm). She'd get up like normal on Tuesday a.m. and would lay down early afternoon until dinner...have dinner, then sometimes lay down again before leaving for work.
I know she did a lot of the naps instead of solid sleep because my brothe rand I were still fairly young (she started working when I was in 4th grade and my brother in 1st grade). And since by the time we were older and didn't need as much supervision, she was just in the habit.

She then switched to days for a few years, but didn't care for it, so now she tortures herself with 3am-3pm 3-4 days a week...though often when I call her around 5:00pm she is just leaving work.