Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shots From the Fourth

What a great Independence Day we had this year! It started with watching a cute redhead swim:

Well she wasn't going to sink in all those flotation devices.

Then we headed to the Arkansas River for the evening's pyrotechnics! Before dark fell, I watched people feeding the geese, as well as the geese feeding themselves:

Then got a crick in my neck watching the air show, which was really cool:

Yes, the helicopters were my favorites.

Last (after the fried pickles and kettle corn - interesting), the fireworks:



All in the most unbelievable weather. Breezy and clear, about 75 degrees. Gorgeous.

Hoping your weekend is the best!

Until I write again ...



Frodo the Bee said...

Bee-ing patriotic? Coolness.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

yummm fried pickels are good... the only place i have ever bought them that I really like is in Rogersville MO.
love the baby in her floating devices LOL too cute!
pretty fireworks too! my stills always are a horrid blur!
hugs Laura

Trisha said...

Great shots of the fireworks! I never think of taking pictures until after it is too late! Maybe next year I will be more prepared!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the photo's!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Those firework pictures are amazing!

Karen Deborah said...

Great pictures!!! that little redhaired girl is too gorgeous. Charlie Brown was in love with a little red haired girl with curls.

Anonymous said...

Awww!! Love 'em!! You are really good with the Rebel, dearie.