Thursday, August 7, 2008

Popularity Contest - I Lose

Y'all know our cat, Lou the Loud, right? Here. Here's a picture to remind you. He's a pest, but he's pretty.

This is the cat who's been training us since we moved to Tulsa nearly two years ago. He trained me to let him in at three AM (I trained him to fear large amounts of water at three AM and now he waits patiently till the lights come on). He trained Little Guy to scoop his litter box, or he'd find something in Little Guy's room to use as a box. He also does this when he gets shut in LG's room. The Hunny installed a cat door in Little Guy's bedroom door last weekend. I know, I know. *sigh* We're his humans. But there's a line somewhere, right?

About a month ago Lou showed up at the front door with a friend, a fluffy gray cat. Gray Cat tried to follow Lou in, but muh Babies greeted him with a growl and all was well. Half an hour later (this is at about ten o'clock at night), I hear a very loud meowing at the front door. Puzzled, because I didn't let Lou out, I go to the door. There, again, is Gray Cat, meowing loudly to be let in to play. Again, Flash and Patches denied him entry. I haven't seen him since.

Fast forward to this morning. Lou is meowing loudly at the back door, asking to come in for the day so he can lounge around the house in places I'd like to set my feet as I walk. So he can wind in and out of my legs as I'm carrying loads of laundry through the house. I look through the door glass to see Lou and a black kitty sitting on the steps. What?! This cat's more popular than I am! The dogs, God bless them (He does, bloggy friends), did their part. They know their job, those two do.

What happened ten minutes later? Black Kitty came back to play! This time the Babies saw him through the door and set up to barking. Good dogs!

So I ask you, how is it fair that my cat knows more neighbors than I do? And what would you do?

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Tanya Brown said...

What would I do? If the visiting cats wore collars, I'd start attaching notes to them to freak out the neighbors. On the mild end: "Hi, I'm at xxx street. Did you know that your cat spends every afternoon at my house?" On the stranger end: "Did you know that your cat likes vodka? We got drunk together last night and shared a can of sardines."

Or you could just enjoy the company. Sounds like your cats are nice and sociable.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL I love Tanya's answer! Unfortunately, tho, this very thing is why I have so darned many cats. I have no babies to bark them off. I did, but they got stolen, but before that they were more likely to show them the cat door before they'd chase 'em away. "Psst... puffball... over here in the corner. Straight ahead, you'll find a wonderland of kibble."


Indy said...

I love cats and love strays. Sounds like they are getting along. I'd just enjoy the visits and not worry about it too much.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Tee hee, your cat sounds quite sociable. Thank goodness for the dogs.
Have a wonderful day darlin'.

AutoSysGene said...

Wow, maybe you should change his name to Lou the Man on the Make...are these his women friends? ;)

Julie said...

Way to go Lou.

I wonder what the kitties talk about. What does your kitty say about you that all the neighbor kitties are coming to see for themselves????

When I still lived at home with my Mom,my cat Sebastian had a cat friend I called him Zander. Well one day I came downstairs and saw the screen door open (a slider) and I walked into the living room and there was Zander and Sebastian just hanging out. It was so funny, because my Sebastian is a meanie sometimes. One time he opened the screen slider and chased a racoon into the woods. LOL

Your Lou looks like my late Barkley...I love an orange kitty.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Maybe you're not rubbing up against the people who live around you enough. Rub along their cars, sing on their fences, dig through their garbage-- soon you'll have more people to hang out with then you have time for!

Chelf said...

Do you have guests over to your house? Maybe Lou is just following suit. :-)

My cats have "words" through the windows with other cats in the area. There is one little kitty named Miss Kitty who lives two doors away, and she comes and preens in the yard, taunting my Mystic and Marvel.

Cats are like people, in that they each have their own attitude.

Snooty Primadona said...

Make them play outside, lol.

Lori said...

I'd give the dogs a treat! Good job, babies!
We don't do cats. I'm viciously allergic!

Wineplz said...

my cats are strictly indoor and go ballistic if a neighbor cat comes walking around our property...and since they usually can't get to the neighbor cat to beat him up like they want, they start beating up each other. Which starts my dogs barking and me flinging things out the door to chase the neighbor cat away.