Friday, September 26, 2008

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There's this cat, see. It's actually more of a kitten. Cute as can be, Well here - take a look:

See? Isn't it darling? And doesn't Maybelline remind you of Princess Leia - "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope." But without the bagels on her head. Or the white dress.

Only thing is, it is now living in my yard. The yard which houses the cat-eating dogs (don't they look vicious?):

Tuesday after school I got a phone call - I was at Hobby Lobby looking for floss for a pleated piece. It was Maybelline, who'd just gotten home from school and was looking for me. It went something like this:

Maybelline: Mom, where are you?

Flea: At Hobby Lobby. Why?

M: When are you coming home?

F: Soon. Why?

M: Oh, no reason.

F: Seriously. Why?

M: Well, I was walking home from the bus (it's on the other side of the neighborhood) and there was this cat and it was emaciated (shoot me for teaching my kids vocabulary) and it was pitiful ...

F: Where's the cat now?

M: Umm ... here.

F: In the house?

M: Umm ... yeah.

F: Did you feed it.

M: Yeah, And it scarfed down the food! It was starving!

F: Get the cat out of the house NOW. Don't give it anymore food.

So there's a cat living in the trash heap in my back yard. An adorable little gray striped kitten-cat, whose motor runs every time I pick her up. She's cuddly and cute. And the dogs want to have her for lunch. Even if they didn't, I'm afraid that Lou would start marking the house if we introduced another cat. Oh, and the Hunny would likely blow a gasket. I don't think all the marital counseling in the world would save us if I invited the kitty in.

So I've advertised on FreeCycle. A teacher I work with sent out an all-school email, including my contact information. I'm asking everyone I meet. And I don't want to take it to a shelter. Yet. And now I'm thinking of just putting the little thing in a box (with air holes, people - geez!) and shipping it to Zobabe.

Any ideas? Good ones, I mean. Heh.

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

I'm sorry. I cannot get over how beautiful Maybelline is. Sorry. Send the kitten to CT.

Daryl said...

I wish you lived closer .. my sister is looking for a second kit to keep her Milo company .. she had two die within a month of eachother and she was devastated til she adopted Milo .. now he needs a pal ...

Your daughter is GORGEOUS!

The kit is SO adorable ..

I wish you lived a lot closer


MUD said...

That's how it happens, feed one and they are yours. I have always been anti cat until tiger showed up starved and beat up. Oh well. MUD

Anonymous said...

Just don't send it UPS. They are awful with the "fragile" stickers.

A bowl of cream awaits. Give Maybelline a hug for me for having pity on the poor baby.

Indy said...

Do you have a Craig's list? Send a mass email to all of your friends and relatives???? She looks so sweet. Keep us posted.

Jan Parrish said...

Shame on you for raising a compassionate daughter with a good vocabulary. LOL. Don't you have a shelter out there?

Put the kitty on Craig's list. FREE KITTEN - with free box. LOL. Save Kitty from being dinner for the dogs...

Karen said...

Maybelline is a gorgeous girl and apparently very intelligent. Wish I had an idea for you......but we have a "pride" of ferrel cats living behind us. We have no mice, so that is good. Good luck.

I have an award for you when you have a minute.

Wineplz said...

She *does* look like Leia! :)

And I wish I could take the kitty...she sure is pretty! But Justin is counting down the days until our three go to that big catnip farm in the sky....