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Friday, September 5, 2008

Edited to See ...

Y'all, I've been playing with a cool photo editing site that Laura~Peach recommended. Having a lot of fun with it! The thing is, as much as I love Photoshop, I haven't figured out how to make frames for my photos and make them as pretty as I want them. I also haven't asked the resident Photoshop expert. My bad. He's sleeping off a knee injury at the moment, so I'm not asking anytime soon. Heh.

There's a special love in my heart and soul for this particular photo and caption.
Don't ask me why - there just is. I love it so much I put it on a women's long sleeved shirt in Fred and Bessie's shop. Whadda ya think?

I figure winter's coming and I'll need something to keep warm, ya know?

I also figure my kids will need t-shirts with fun sayings, since the ones they have are getting kinda old. What do you think of these? My kids all love coffee, after all.

And this one?

I'm still playing with it. I'm actually playing around with the winning photo from the contest a couple of weeks ago, but the Hunny is supposed to be editing that one. In fact, he was going to be working on it last weekend, but was in excruciating pain. Sorry, Chelf. I've sent it to his inbox AGAIN and am going to pester him about it today, since he's all laid up with a bum knee. Nothing like a naggin woman to say, "I loves my man!"

Head over to Picnik and drop in a photo or two. Play around. You might amaze yourself! Amaze me and show me what you've done! If you ask nicely, I'll even send you a cow photo to play with. They practically write their own captions.

Until I write again ...



Daryl said...

So if you use a different color drop shadow for the polaroid effect it looks more real AND you can angle the text so it looks like you actually wrote it on the polaroid .. I am in deep love with Picnik and use it all the time .. I am also in love with Daniel as a typeface .. I see you liked it too


The Sports Mama said...

I super big HEART Picnik!!!

That's what I've been using for my blog pictures lately. I still think my favorite one is from last Friday. And I really love the polaroid effect.

And? I love your t-shirt sayings!

noble pig said...

That cow is going to have a caffeine attack!

k said...

I LOVE Bessie in the creamer!

LaskiGal said...

Picnik is awesome . . . and I am "udderly" in love with those cows . . .

Snooty Primadona said...

Hee, hee, hee! Your T-shirts are hilarious and I'm going to have to have one. Even though I don't do T-shirts, lol.

Ummm... I still need your address. I'm sorry if you already gave it to me. I misplaced it or deleted it or something, lol. It's been a chaotic last three weeks. For some reason, my online shop has been doing better than I ever expected or wanted it to to, so I'm waaaay behind now. I'm actually having to work lately. You Know. At my real life business, lol.