Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Next Project!

The smocking series - that was a little much, huh? I think so. BUT! I have a project which is much simpler, with very pretty results, which I think you'll enjoy. Bear with me - I'm in needle and thread mode for a bit. Let me show you how we start out:

Yes. A pillowcase. As in the type grandma stitched and crocheted so lovingly with her own two hands. Then put on the guest bed and it never got used. Hopefully. Because stained pillowcases aren't much good for what we're going to do. Pillowcases like this, stain-free and pre-decorated, are what we want. For creating something like this:

A beautiful dress for a baby girl! I've made any number of these, including christening gowns, toddler dresses and sun dresses. And I call them cheater dresses, because someone has done all of the pretty work already, and they only take about half an hour to construct.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you what we'll be doing. I won't start this till tomorrow, so there will be more pictures then! The dress directions and pattern come from an issue of Sew Beautiful magazine, this one published Easter 1994.

So. Come back tomorrow for more! This one goes quickly. I promise.

Until I write again ...


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Laura ~Peach~ said...

cute... Seems like we had a diaper bag... was a hanger to store diapers in for at home that was made from pillow cases or something like that... shrug... I love home made things but I do not sew!