Saturday, October 11, 2008

Excessive Sweating, or Hyperhidrosis

This is not a paid post. I have a friend who sweats excessively. He's asked to be anonymous today. I never really noticed he had a problem. It seems he's pretty good at disguising it.

Do you have sweating problems? You don't have to answer that here. This guy I know (I like the way that sounds) wore layers for years. Carried around a spare set of clothes. Would go home at lunch to change. Anything to keep people from knowing that he was a profuse sweater. Not the kind made of Shetland wool, either.

Seems the proper term for this problem is hyperhidrosis. Who knew it had a proper name? Not me. And why am I telling you about it? Do I really care? I wouldn't have did I not know someone who suffers from it.

One day we're sitting at lunch and he starts to talk about this cure for the problem, while I'm just staring at him, slack jawed, wondering why he never told me before. Like I really wanted to know, right? But he goes on and on about an ebook and all I can think is, "Who pays good money for an ebook?" Turns out he did. And it was worth it. But he won't let me read the book. I have to buy one myself. I don't have a sweating problem, though.

So now I'm hooked, listening to him talk about how this process changed his life, how he can sit through entire meetings, go through an entire work day, without having to change clothes. He no longer lives terminally embarrassed.

Then he makes me cry when he tells me about his search for help with this problem, and the people he's run across who also suffer. The ones who never leave home because it's so bad. Can you imagine not wanting to leave your house in the spring and summer because you sweat so badly? How horrid. But this book helped them too.

So I'm writing this post. Maybe someone will read it who thought there was no hope. Maybe you'll decide the ebook is worth the price (I don't know how much it costs). Maybe your life will change as a result. I hope so. I really hope so.

I know it seems like a small thing. It's not cancer. It's not pneumonia. But it is chronic. And there seems to be a way to make it stop.

Until I write again ...