Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Invite Me To Your House

Colleen, over at Wine Please, has tagged me with a meme! Hoorah! Perfect for a Wednesday, and my Lil' Bro's 40th birthday! Just in case they have a party or something and invite me over. You know. Just in case. Not that I would invite myself or anything. Never.

Here's the tag:

Four things you should know about me before you invite me to your house.

Short and sweet, huh? Just like Wednesday SHOULD be. Not ever like it IS, of course. Here goes!

1. I love to take my shoes off when I come in or sit down. And my feet usually stink.

2. If you have a cat or dog, I will find and pet that creature. That creature will LOVE it. And you? You will hate it. I groom the cat or dog while petting and come away with massive amounts of fur, regardless of the breed. Drives the Hunny nuts. But your critter's in heaven over it. Your carpet's not so happy.

3. I don't eat before I arrive, so I arrive hungry. And picky. Won't eat tomatoes, olives, mushrooms or brussel sprouts. Everything else? If it's not nailed down, it's gone. And make some decaf while you're at it, will ya?

4. I don't like to leave, even when the host or hostess look tired and are giving obvious hints, but I do get tired. And cranky. And start making really strange, sometimes caustic remarks. But refuse to leave.

So who's having me over next? I'll tell ya who I'm inviting myself to - I'm tagging four old friends this time. You know, before I invite them for dinner.

J the Grockle, who loves a good meme! Don't let me down. I'm guessing you'll have me to dinner so I can help you pack, right? Move here! We'll have dinner soon! At your place (you have good taste in homes).

Karen, at the Rocking Pony! Karen probably brings a horde of kids and dogs and horses. C'mon over! The more the merrier! Hey, maybe the next meme should be the type of rotten hostess I am. I kick people out pretty well. But not Karen! Never Karen. Well, I might kick her out, but I'd keep Micah.

Asthma Girl makes a great hostess - to which the cows can attest - but I'd love to know what she's like as a guest. Probably would wheeze the entire time she's in my house. Not the critters so much, but the nasty allergens that Tulsa's famous for. How very sad. I'll have to make the trip west instead. Find her butter and lick it.

Speaking of licking the butter, I should head over and tag Mental P. She showed Fred & Bessie a good time. I think she gave them margarine, though. Hmm. Maybe not. And she got them drunk. Yeah, I'll head in her direction, as long as I can stop at one glass. And try on her shoes. Mental P, you wear an eleven, don't you? I won't stretch your shoes much. Promise.

Feel free to snag this meme for yourself if you love it so much you want to marry it. I'm off to find a birthday party. And Colleen? I'm so sorry I dropped off the radar for awhile. Thanks for tagging me. Anone who still finds themselves not on my blogroll (on left), please let me know? I'm still slowly finding my friends!

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

Jeez Flea,
You're sounding the like the guest I've always wanted! I would have you over anyway, no matter how your feet smelled!

This does look cute and I'll get to it in the next day or so!

Anonymous said...

Animals find me too! (Justrealised how stupid that soundd)

I always have plent of food at my get togethers. If you're in NY come on..I love a good party.

imbeingheldhostage said...

oh ok, I can do this one.. I think. no really, I have to think.

Thank you so very much for thinking of me and for the pop up window. I promise to shut up now :-)

imbeingheldhostage said...

oh, duh. Happy Bday to your brother and you can bring your stinky feet over here any time!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Come on over! We'll sit outside so your feet can stink away, you can groom my cats all you want, and you can stay till the cows come home. ; )

I can always use a good laugh from the Good Flea. When do you wanna come?

I have the most FABULOUS brussels sprout recipe -- those beauties drenched in olive oil, butter, balsamic, and garlic. ZOWIE! You've gotta try it -- every BS-hater falls in love and licks the pan (I look away politely as my guests make fools of themselves over my cooking -- happens all the time). :D

Daryl said...

Two words: Odor Eaters

Come on'a my house come on!


Mental P Mama said...

Um, it was butter, and I'm a 10. We'll have plenty of fun so hurry up.

abb said...

Flea - it was margarine. I was there. MPM's just tryin' to cover her size 10 tracks. I'm just sayin'.

Jan Parrish said...

Come visit me and stay all night. I'm usually up late anyway. I don't serve mushrooms or brussel sprouts and I will make a note of your other dislikes before planning the menu. Yeah, don't eat before you come, whats the point of that if I'm having you over for dinner. If you eat a dainty amount, I'll think you don't like my dinner. :)

I'll bite.

1. Please don't ask me to take your shoes off. I hate that because my feet get cold and I need the arch support. I never walk around barefoot even in my own home.

2. I'm allergic to garlic and I don't tolerate onions that well. I dislike powdered mixes of any type - like taco mix. Yuck.

3. I'm allergic to your animals - especially cats. Though I love them, I won't be staying long if they are around.

4. Coffee ALWAYS goes with desert. Always. If you don't have coffee, I'll probably skip desert. No point in wasting the calories. :)

Mom Knows Everything said...

I like to clean up at parties. I pickup and tidy everything. Yeah, I'm a freak! LOL

Anonymous said...

This was hysterical! I would TOTALLY invite you over just to see if its all true. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have you over to see if you COULD make my Lanna's hair come out. She's a Cairn - they don't shed.

Karen said...

Flea, please come visit. My pets and children desperately need grooming.
I absolutely detest when people come to my house when they are "full." I feed's just what I do. My family was on a trip back from Yellowstone and were staying the night. They arrived around midnight. So irritating when you make snickerdoodle's at that time of night and only half of them had any. The cookie were just coming out of the oven as they walked in. Jeeez, you think they could get over the heart burn for just one little cookie?

Stinky feet? Bring it on. I'm sure I have a daughter who's feet could rival most.

Loved this post.

Karen Deborah said...

You are a hoot and Oklahoma is not that far away from Mississippi. Any time you wanta make the trip you just come on. We will have a good time! Stinky feet? I can think of worse noxious fumes....

Karen said...

You're more than welcome to groom my dogs, we all know they need it. And if you bring dessert you're welcome to stay all night long.

Wineplz said...

talk about falling off the radar screen a while! Here I am a month later realizing you did the meme I tagged you for! Weee! thanks for playing, lady! And you're soooo welcome to come to my house, stinky feet and all (my four year old has some rank feet and he got them from me, so I understand). I promise we don't have any tomatoes, olives, mushrooms or brussel sprouts...thems some nasty stuff.