Friday, October 3, 2008

Monkeys Flying Out of What, Again?

It's a crazy day today. Little Guy is staying home from school his third day in a row with whatever this yucky thing is. Starting to think it's the man cold. Maybelline is complaining of a scratchy throat and asking for the humidifier in her room tonight so it doesn't interfere with a vocal performance in a week. Oatmeal Head - well he's just happy about the Chuck Norris t-shirt I found for him at Goodwill yesterday (I find the most fun t-shirts at Goodwill). When Chuck stays out and parties all night, he doesn't throw up, he throws down. Yeah it's lame, but OH tells Chuck Norris jokes all the time. My favorite? The Boogie Man checks his closet for Chuck Norris. Chuck doesn't do push ups - he pushes the world down. His favorite? When Chuck Norris fights himself, he wins. That's it. He just wins.

Anywho. I've been fighting headaches for a couple of days, trying to clean house a bit at a time. My writer's group will be meeting here in the morning. I'll be making Monkey Bread. What is Monkey Bread? I'm guessing many of you know, but I'd never heard of it till last year, when I asked my lovely sister in law for her recipe. Allow me to share with you, my bloggy friends? I hope it's not an old family secret recipe or anything.

Monkey Bread!

Preheat oven to 350° Place nuts onto bottom of greased bundt pan.
Quarter biscuits; roll in cinnamon and sugar that has been mixed together.
Place in pan.
Melt margarine, brown sugar and water; boil 2 minutes and pour over biscuits.
Bake for 25 minutes.

Alright. I cheated. I couldn't find the recipe, so I pulled it from Recipe Zaar. But I swear it's the same recipe. YUMMY. I'll eat half of it all by myself. Heh.

You all have a great weekend! Once the house is clean, filled with writers, then empty again, I'm headed for bed, then work. Won't really be awake again till Tuesday. Well, I might set up a sewing post to pass the time. We'll see.

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

Sending lots of virtual Vitamin C and Zinc to your household. Take care. And that Monkey Bread could be the death knell of my Weight Watchers career.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Sending virtual chicken soup and a case of NyQuil!!!

Do you think I gave it to you?

faroutmom said...

Try Zicam. It is a zinc medicine that you rub inside of your nose every four hours. It has worked in this house many times.

I love Monkey Bread. Can I join your writing group? I don't write, but, really, is that necessary when monkey bread is involved?

Karen said...

Sorry about the virus going around your house. Yuck! I hate it when my kids are sick.

I think I will make monkey bread tomorrow. I have never tried to make it, though I love it!!!!

Karen said...

That monkey bread is to die for, isn't it?

Hope you guys are better soon. This stuff is the pits, no?

Tanya Brown said...

Have a lovely weekend! I hope the lurgy is gone soon.

Daryl said...

Yum ..

And get better ... all of you


Kidzmama said...

A virus or allergies that have lasted a month? Which is worse? Dayquil/Nyquil is my vote.

Where did you get you new background from? I didn't see any ads on your page from the source. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Flea, honey. When exactly do you sleep...? Of course, now I shall have to shop for canned biscuits tonight.

You can buy zinc supplements on the cheap at Wal-Mart. They work just as well as the zinc-based cold stuff, and at half the price. A good overdose does the trick, I swear, and you don't have to take it as often.

OHmommy said...

I think you need to start sending me memos when you change your blog.

Love it, btw.

Furthermore, I hope that everyone feels better soon. I know we will after trying that yummy bread. Sounds perfect!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, where's the picture of the Monkey bread?

Jan Parrish said...

I've made that before but we didn't call it monkey bread. Sounds tastie.

Sorry the little guy is sick. The Start of school colds are yucky.

CanadianMama said...

I wish you would not have shared this recipe. It's just too good, I can't say no to it!

Lori said...

LOVE Monkey Bread! There's a recipe that calls for bits of cream cheese tucked inside the bits of biscuit's called GORILLA bread and it is AH-mazing!

Lori said...

Don't blame me, it's Paula Deen's recipe! SHE's evil!
We had home group at our house tonight and one of the gals brought BOSTON CREAM PIE CUPCAKES. They were increcible..and also Paula Deen's fault!