Thursday, October 30, 2008

Riddle Me This

Scribbit ran a Q&A this morning which she asked around the dining room table with her family. They have interesting minds, her children. While I'd love to ask my kids these questions, and probably will at some point, I thought I'd answer them here myself. Feel free to ask the people you live with how they'd answer.

1. If you could have a super power what would it be?

I'm really kinda partial to her Andrew's suggestion of shooting cupcakes from his fingertips. But I don't much care for cupcakes. I think my super power might be to talk to animals. I know I already talk to my animals. Shut up. I'd be able to understand them. Which might be highly unsatisfying when it comes to my dogs and their simple brains.

2. If you could be a ruler of any country which would it be?

Alaska! Wait. No. Um. Switzerland. Not sure why. Or New Zealand.

3. If you could live a movie in a real life which would it be?

Definitely nothing scary or gory. And not anything idiotic. Not ET. Not Pirates of the Caribbean. And not Girl Interrupted. I think maybe Arsenic and Old Lace. Because who wouldn't want to be next to Cary Grant in real life?

4. If you could play a professional sport which would it be?

Curling. What? It's an Olympic sport. Don't tell me it's not a professional sport. Oh alright. I'd play basketball. Eight years in high school and college and it's my first love.

5. If you were to be stuck on desert island and allowed only one food which food would it be?

Not ramen. When I was stuck on the desert island of a dorm room in college, it's pretty much what I ate every day. Done with that. Probably red beans and rice with sausage. Mmm. Nutritious and delicious!

6. If you could hang out with a famous person for a day who would it be?

Does it have to be a really well known celebrity, or can it be a minor celebrity? I think I'd like to hang out with - geez, this is tough. I don't care much for celebrities. Hmm. Cary Grant.

7. If you had to give up one of your five senses which would you choose?

My sense of direction. I think it's already missing anyway.

8. If you could witness an historical event which would it be?

The parting of the Red Sea and the subsequent closing thereof and swallowing of the Egyptian army. Or the crossing of the Alps by Hannibal's elephants and their entrance on the other side.

9. If you could have written any book which would it be?

Oh geez. Any book? The Narnian Chronicles, specifically the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I'm almost afraid to see what they'll do to that one as a film. It's the next one, you know. My absolute favorite. If not a chronicle, then Lewis', That Hideous Strength.

10. If you had to live somewhere besides where you live right now where would it be?

Nowhere! I love it here! I live in Tulsa on PURPOSE! Why would I live anywhere else? Maybe somewhere on the east coast, so I could visit so many of my favorite bloggers. Or the west coast, so I could visit the rest of them.

11. If you could be an animal what would it be?

A buffalo! They're protested by law, right? And they're rude and huge and charge people.

12. If you had to go and take a class for a week to learn how to do something new what would it be?

Not sky diving, that's for sure. I think making stained glass. Or maybe a Wilton cake decorating class. If I could eat what I make. Not the stained glass. That would produce too much blood.

Have your own fun with this! And answer some of these in the comments? I'm interested to hear your answers!

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

OK Flea..I have to steal, er um borrow this cuz my brain is on leave. Answering questions is right up my alley today!

abb said...

Shooting cupcakes from one's fingertips.....the visual this conjures up is really quite impressive!
Interesting answers, Flea.

Marguerite said...

Hmm... if I took a class. Probably a tailoring class. Yes, I already know how to sew, but I've never had "formal" classes. I'd really love to learn some pro-tips. Especially in a field I don't know too much about.

And for living a movie? I don't know. I enjoy action/sci-fi/comedy type stuff. Fun to watch, but kinda ridiculous first-hand.

Daryl said...

I had no idea Buffalo's charged people .. is it expensive? what do you get for it? Just wondering.


Mental P Mama said...

This is a good one...shooting cupcakes? I wish you'd aim a couple at me.

Karen said...

Flea....I absolutely love your creative mind. The buffalo answer got me thinkging about an e-mail my husband got at work for a fellow employee who was here on business from Florida and went to check out one of our state parks. Antelope Island. It is a bison refuge as well. This poor guy got trampled by a bull and lived to tell about it. The story is tells is entertaining, scary and a little funny. If I can find it, I'll have to send it to you.

As far as super powers go....I would want speed. If I could get this house clean and I mean dust the blinds, do the laundy, scrub the walls clean in an hour.....I could try and save the rest of world instead of just my own.

Thanks for you heart felt comments on my blog.

Scribbit said...

But wouldn't Charade be a fun one to hang out with Cary Grant in? Then you'd get the double bonus of seeing Audrey Hepburn.

And if you ruled New Zealand I'd totally go live there.

enthalpymama said...

Can you believe that I actually saw the men's curling championship at the olympics?? I think you are the first person who might even be jealous of me for it. People always say "You did What?"

Ellyn said...

I would take the sky diving class or base jumping. That sounds fun too.
If I were being practical though I would take some computer classes. I could actually use those for generating an income.

But I want to take base jumping.

I love your answers to these question. You are a clever lady.

Tanya Brown said...

Fun meme!

The down side of understanding your animals would be hearing a lot of fart jokes from your dogs. I'm half convinced that the really smart dogs have a sense of humor, and think that passing gas is a riot.

KG said...

Curling is so hawt. I wonder where you buy those broom things they use ... or if they just go to the local Target and buy them. I mean - are there specialty brooms for curling? I guess there probably are.

*Deep thoughts*

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Fun! I love CS Lewis too. But I wouldn't be shooting any cupcakes, I love cupcakes!