Friday, October 31, 2008


Did I tell you that I was going to carve a pumpkin last night? I don't remember telling you that. But if I did, I lied. I watched. I took lots of pictures. I ate some really good food. But I didn't carve anything. In fact, my pumpkin came home intact.

The Hunny and I belong to a small group from church which meets on Thursday nights. We eat, we talk about Bible stuff (currently discussing - sometimes in a
most spirited fashion - the fruit of the Spirit). We're all dog lovers. And tonight, instead of fruit, we carved gourds. I use "we" loosely. I'm more of a voyeur when it comes to carving Jack.

First, the food! There were candied and carmelled apples. Pumpkin pies (from my pumpkins of last year, pureed in my freezer) and punch. Tostadas and hominy. Yummy stuff everywhere! I guess there really was fruit, huh?

Next, all the children (who usually aren't welcome on Thursday nights) ran to the back porch to carve! Last night was balmy and beautiful. Mmm!

Quite a few adults were left inside, chatting and ignoring the pumpkin vivisections happening practically under their noses.

And here are the results of the carving!

Oatmeal Head's has a unibrow.

Bugarroo's is puking.

Here's a shot of all the pumpkins in a row!

And this dog? I just love her eyes.

Yes indeed. A good time was had by all. Happy Friday everyone! Stay safe!

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

That Bugaroo is starting to grow on me....Happy Halloween!

Daryl said...

Love that dog, its possessed you know ...

Happy Halloween ... do no tricks, give only treats



Trisha said...

You gotta love a well carved unibrow, don't you? The Thursday night group looks like a lot of fun! Happy Halloween!

Ellyn said...

It is so nice to have a good church group to hang out with. I really miss ours from Virginia.

Love the pumpkins.

Tanya Brown said...

I'm for the puking one.

Personable-looking dog, eh?

Kidzmama said...

I envy your ability to socialize. I for one sit on the sidelines and watch. So does hubby. We are homebodies. It's great that the kids came too.

Happy Halloween.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Happy Halloween! Looks like so much fun and I am totally craving caramel apples now. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots o' fun, looks like! I've actually only carved 2 pumpkins that I can remember. The first one I mainly watched, and the second convinced me I didn't really like carving pumpkins. Heh.

Happy HOWL-o-ween, doggie luvver!! Beautimus doggie eyes, btw...

CanadianMama said...

Looks fantastic Flea!! Hominy is grits right? I've only had grits once because you can't buy them where I live. Most Albertans don't even know what they are!

Burgh Baby said...

And now I BADLY want a candied apple. YUUMMMMM!