Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mememememe ...

Hey everybody! I'm back, but only momentarily. I've cheated a smidge and popped into a couple of my favorite blogs. Smack my hand. My bad. And Dlyn had a meme I couldn't resist, especially when I dug up what it required. Found I liked it and had to take a few minutes to pass this on. Of course. Here are the rules:

The object is to go to your 4th photo file,
then to your 4th photo inside that file and then post it.

If you read this? Tag! You're it! Check out my fourth photo from the fourth photo file:

I took this one morning just before the Hunny left with the kids and Grandma to go out. F&B had been in school all morning and I didn't want to miss their first day. It's been awhile since this shot was taken, obviously, since the cows have since gone on to bigger and better things. I miss them. *sigh* They'll be showing up at Daryl's next, I'm told, so keep your eyes open for more of their adventures.

Like Dlyn, I'd also like to know if you run this meme. Leave me a comment and let me know? Thanks!

As you were. Enjoy your day.

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

Too cute! I have to do this one, too. How's the smocking going;)?

Ellyn said...

Cute picture. I did this one yesterday.

Tanya Brown said...

Hi Flea! Good to see that you're alive and well.

Cool photo. Looks like the bunnies are hatching up a plot.

Daryl said...

Didnt you see my participation in this? I know you commented on it .. sooo I am glad you did it.

I hear those cows are involving the Chihuahua Network to get them here to NYC


Mom Knows Everything said...

I just checked and I can't do it because the blogging world would be scarred forever if they saw me without makeup on. Not a pretty sight.

abb said...

That's good!