Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So the kids are leaving for school this morning and Little Guy leans over to pick up a huge grocery sack. I knew what it was, so I ran over to look and make sure and say no.

Each of my children goes to a different school in the same system. Intermediate, Middle and High. Each school is having a canned good drive. The kids have been talking about it for a week. Little Guy's was the last school to get in on it. So yesterday I told him he could go to our garage pantry and snag a couple of cans to take to school.

An entire grocery sack full.

While I don't begrudge those in need - really! - I'm the grocery shopper here. I know how much I have to work with. I know what we have till next payday and what's in our pantry. I also know that I have three children who will be taking canned goods to school this month. And if history has anything to say, there will be a last minute push to bring in MORE canned goods (probably to win some prize). So this won't be the last round.

So Little Guy was wearing his grumpy face as he left for school with his can of evaporated milk and his can of pinto beans. And Oatmeal Head wore a happy face, since he only needed one can to meet the contest requirement, but was sent out with green beans (totally hawt?) AND corn. Tomorrow Maybelline will take a couple of cans. And I'll leave the bag o'cans by the door, since they'll need more at some point.

No, should I feel guilty that when a group of teens came to my door Halloween night asking for canned goods (kids from a local church), I gave them an armload of cans? Hmmm. Probably not.

Until I write again ...



Mental P Mama said...

I usually go to Costco and stock up. Ours is next week;) by the way, I love the dress you sent Jeri!

Anonymous said...

i never replenished my canned good from the last time there was a canned food drive from the school my husband teaches at. i'd better get on that! it's about to come around again!!
here through in the gutter! what an adorable smock you made for ms. ky!! and yes...there is a law that EVERY girl EVERYWHERE MUST wear a smock at least once in their life. I had a really pretty light blue eyelet one that my old next door neighbor made me when i was 4. i still have it!!
take care!

Anonymous said...

I remember the canned food drives! Fun! Except for the empty shelves you're left with!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Yay for voting!
and my canned goods only ever get given away, I always buy stuff and never use it. I have so many different kinds of beans on my shelves! No one here even likes beans...

Anonymous said...

WHY feel bad? You did your good deeds like four times over! Good for you. :-)

Tanya Brown said...

It raises a philosophical question (or something; I'm having trouble forming thoughts). Say someone gives away all of the food in the house, without checking with the household manager (that would be you) about supplies and replenishment. Then, say there isn't enough to eat afterward, so the person gets to really and truly experience being hungry. Wouldn't that provide an interesting mixed message/lesson about the nature of hunger and resources?

Hmmm. I'm not even sure I'm making sense. Never mind!

imbeingheldhostage said...

When we first moved here, I was really excited to see that we no longer had to take out a mortgage to buy school supplies-- and then the food drives, clothing drives, and other expenses began to hit. AND it hits hard. This year, I've just told the kids we'll do what we can, but I'm not going to kill myself over meeting every goal that's set. Food isn't cheap these days!
I wonder if the kids would be so willing to pack up their halloween candy to donate ;-)