Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Meme

One more day till Turkey Day! And so much to be grateful for! I've stolen a meme from Miz Booshay. Join me in my thievery and answer this one on your own blog.

Little thanksgiving meme.

1. what are you thankful for?
My Hunny. My smocking pleater. My bloggy internets friends.

2. what is your favorite thing to make?
Pumpkin pie from scratch!

3. do you have a special tablecloth?
Nope. Afraid I'm not much of a decorator.

4. what is your favorite thing to eat?
I have to pick one? All the yummy Thanksgiving food and I have to pick ONE? Oh alright. I choose ... sweet potato casserole!

5. what time do you eat?
This year it will be at three. Depends on the year and the crowd. But the cutest little red headed girl in the world needs her nap, so this year we eat at three. The alternative is NOT pretty. I'm cool with it.

Take it! Run with it!

Until I write again ...



abb said...

Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving, Flea.

Mental P Mama said...

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your sweet potatoes~

Marguerite said...


We'll be coming over in a little while. :) Do we get to taste test? You know, to make sure it was done right.

Trisha said...

Yum - pumpkin pie! Save me a slice!

Have a good one!

Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I think I will join you in your thievery. :)

Diva's Thoughts said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Daryl said...

Happiest of Happy Thanksgiving to your and your's ... and I hope you get the wishbone and your wish comes true!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The Sports Mama said...

I had to read that a couple of times before my eyes registered that it said "smocking pleater" and not "smoking platter".

I apparently need more sleep.

Karen Deborah said...

I'm going to buy fabric this weekend!
Can't believe it's taking me so long to get things done. I am grateful for you! And I love pumpkin pie from scratch are you baking some?

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Very happy Thanksgiving to you darling Flea. I am thankful for you today, you rock!

Jan Parrish said...

We eat at 2ish and my fav T-day food is the stuffing!