Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All Roads Lead to the Mall

Guess what we did yesterday? Guess? The kids didn't have school - AGAIN - so we went to the mall! The week before Christmas! YEAH! We're a bunch of blockheads! Before I show you why we went, let me show you what we did when we went last year, the day of the big ice storm which knocked out our power:

(click on picture for pretty embiggening)

Aren't they darling creatures? With their smiles and wintery clothing. I squishy heart them. Now look at yesterday's trip to the insane place:

(again with the clicking and embiggening - do it!)

Better yet, huh? With their teenage smirks and cool looks. I still less-than-3 them. Just in a smirky way.

Quick story: While in line for Santa, Little Guy taps me on the shoulder to let me know that he knows someone in line (what is it with kids, always looking for people they know while out and about?). I look back and there's a cute little blond, about 10 years old, standing with her mom. I told LG to go say hi, but he said that the blond chick had already said hi in her own fashion - hands on her throat, eyes crossed and tongue out. According to LG, this girl hates him. Uh huh. I let it go at that.

After Santa, and before leaving the store, I went to look for frames, and the boys went to another store to look at something. When we all met up and were in the car, Little Guy starts to tell me about another friend he saw at Game Stop. Mid-story he says, "And I told him that Blond Chick was in line to sit on Santa's lap. I think we're even."

It took me a minute to realize what he meant. Then I about burst laughing. The sad thing is, he doesn't realize that Blond Chick probably really LIKES him. Not anymore.

Until I write again (which should be to hand over the eggnog recipe) ...


P.S. A spiced Coke is just my name for rum and Coke.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

sniffs, tears, sniffs again... last photo i had of my kids with santa cory was 6 and martha 3 ... they never wanted to again after that... wish my kids would now :) that would be CUTE.

Karen said...

Blonde chick need to learn the subtle art of flirting.

Or maybe not. Your boys probably don't need that, do they?

Mental P Mama said...

I was at the Mall yesterday, too. It was scarily quiet. And our Santa didn't have on a hat either. What is up with that? Rum and Coke is code for spiced coke? I love it! I am going to go get some spiced OJ.

Anonymous said...

Where's Santa's hat?

Your young'uns look fab! I think you're right about little guy's female "friend". Sounds like she likes him!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the pic!

Contest at WWoW if you're up for it!


Trisha said...

What great pictures! It is also great that they still let you talk them into getting their picture taken with Santa as teenagers!

You are one lucky mother!

abb said...

Love the photos!

Daryl said...

What a difference a year makes ..

What's up with Santa .. did he lose his hat?


Marguerite said...

Ack! They grow up too fast! I could have sworn they didn't look that old when I saw them last month!

Julie said...

Hey there!!
I was so excited to see your face :)
I have been so bad at blogging lately...I so need to get back into it.
Love the snow!!!!!!!!

Oh and Santa pics are great, I so need to do that.

Kareen said...

Love the pix - love the snow

Kidzmama said...

You've done something right if they still let you take them to the mall and sit with Santa. These are the pictures that will get you through your old age.

Love the blog snow!

Karen said...

Flea, it's snowing on your blog! (I know, it's a bit of an obvious comment, but I had to let you know that I like it!)
The Santa pictures are so fun. My kids will have nothing to do with it. They tell me it's not the real Santa, so they are afraid.
The flirting story is really cute. Guys usually figure that out a little slower. I don't think my husband has mastered it yet either.

Warty Mammal said...

Ah, the mystifying territory of flirting with the opposite sex. The stuck out tongues, the insults, the occasional socks on the arm. I'm glad we don't have to live through it again!

I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out if the same guy was mall Santa in both shots. What do you think?

Somewhere around here we have a photo of my husband in his early twenties, about eighty pounds lighter, sitting on Santa's lap.

Karen Deborah said...

I love your winter theme blog and you've got snow too! STINKIN COOL!

Lori said...

Awww! I have serious doubts I'll be able to get my baby to sit on Santa's lap at that age! It makes me sad to think about that. I bet having siblings makes it more fun for your guys, though!
Oh, and thanks for the "spiced coke recipe"! Hee-hee!

Anonymous said...

*sticking my tongue out to catch a flake or two* Hey, can ya make it snow "shaved spiced" coke? Oh, wait, "spice" doesn't freeze, dangit. Ok, I'll take mine as a slushee. Heh.

Love the snow,love the kids, and I'm sorta/maybe/a little jealous of your nasty weather. It's gonna be nearly 80 here tomorrow, and that's just WRONG, dangit.

You have an awesome family. The quilt is quite lovely. I wanted my grandma to teach me to use a quilt frame when I was younger, but never got around to it. She wasn't gung-ho on teaching me, I don't think. Also? Now I want cow cookies.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Love, LOVE, LUUUUUVV the new decorations over here Flea Girl! Falling snow? Way cool!!

Jan Parrish said...

Wow - what a difference a year makes. I'm just amazed they would still do that at this age. Very cool. I've got to get Kamy to have her picture taken with Santa.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos... kids look great!
I hope my two will let me drag em to the mall to get keepsakes for Christmas!
mmmmm... spiced EGGNOG... mmmm...
I'd have to hide it from my sis though... or drink it all before she comes over...hhhmmmmmm????