Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Other Favorite Christmas Gift

I'm getting to my other favorite Christmas gift (my first favorite being the purse camera). Really. But first I must show you a very happy boy. Little Guy had the best Christmas gift of all, just after the fact. Can you tell what it is?

(He's looking at himself in the huge mirror that's over my head - stinker)

He's been saving WalMart gift cards since his birthday in June, as well as saving money from gifts and sales of toys. This Christmas was a rich one for him, with a check from his favorite aunt and gift cards from two grandmothers. All in all, he had nearly enough for the one thing he's wanted since last year - an iPod Nano.

Last year for Christmas his siblings got iPods from family and he got m
arble mazes. Nothing like that kind of motivation to save for a major purchase. The beauty of it is that he was just in time to get the newest generation of Nano - better than Maybelline's, and just like his aunt's, the Evil Sister.

Speaking of the Evil Sister, check out her Christmas finery:

Her mother-in-law gave her this blouse and we all admired it muchly. You'd have to see us all, seamstresses, gathered around and admiring the grosgrain ribbon on the inside of the buttonhole facing, the tiny picot edge peeking out.

Back to Little Guy! He and the Hunny went to WalMart last night to find the
ultimate Nano - a blue one. He's next to me now, ear buds in, happy as a clam in mating season. See?

He's just not fond of the Mamarazzi.


Now, on to my other favorite gift. But! Before that, I must show you my favoritest little cousin!

Isn't he cute in his Fred & Bessie shirt? I was afraid that it wouldn't fit, or would wash poorly (not happy with the tote bags AT ALL), but I'm loving the T on him! Of course, he'd be cute in anything.

Bonus shot of little cousin's dad:

Now, for a look at the newest gift. The newest pair:

Not a good photo, I'm afraid. They may be just the salve this lonely mother's heart needs, though, what with my Babies galavanting all over the planet. First New York, then Connecticut. Off to England, then Texas. From there they flew, superhero fashion, to Washington, then back to New York. Right now they're laying low in Texas, recovering from a severe bout with the flu bug. Who knew ceramic cows were susceptible to flu?


So this is the end of my Christmas posts. It was a great week, I have tons of pictures, but a new year begins tomorrow and I'm ready to step into it. How about you?

Until I write again ...



Karen said...

You know that monkeys and cows can't coexist peacefully, right?

Lori said...

Ooohhhhh, and i-pod. I have yet to join that club. But my honey got me a webcam and I posted my first video on facebook last night!
LOVE the new primates! Do they have names yet? Naming contest?
When F&B's itinerary slows down, I'd love to host them. I planted some tulips down by the mailbox that should be blooming in a few months...would make for fun play for some little cows...

Anonymous said...

SQUEE!!! Little Guy and I are now Twinkies! :D I hope he is loving it as much as I am!

Did I tell you I got two of that shirt? My grandmother-in-law gave me one too!

Daryl said...


You name a windsock but not the Min-kies (think Peter Sellers in Pink Panther)?

Mental P Mama said...

Um, you know that Little Guy will never answer you again, right? They have those earbuds permanently attached. Happy New Year! I am going to wear my new shirt!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

marfa bean wants the monkeys to come here! she said she NEEDS them to visit her!

Ellyn said...

Do they want to come to NY? We have way more snow than the place the cows visited. Apes love snow you know.

Anonymous said...

WTG Little Guy!!! Just watch the ITunes charges!!!

Can the primates make a trip to NY?
I promise to take good care of them. They can play with my labbies after they play at Ellyn's :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! I loved looking at all your pictures!

Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

I love the fancy way you talk about clothes!





Anonymous said...

What does it say about me that I thought Evil Sister was really not your favorite person? You are too funny. The cows will emerge. I promise.

abb said...

Happy New Year, my friend, Happy New Year!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Hope you had a very happy New Year and merry Christmas. And that you have caught up on your sleep. Take care dear girl.
Love your new babies!

KG said...

Those gorillas are fantastic. I adore them and their smooching ways.