Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Tuesday - Pictures Extra

Christmas is coming! I know you didn't need me to tell you that. But it's ALMOST HERE. Make it STOP.

So in the spirit of freakish random shopping/shipping/cleaning/partying/sipping my spiced Coke while I post, I offer Random Tuesday, a one time only ordeal.
Er, deal.


Y'all know I work weekend nights at the psychiatric hospital (my job totally ROCKS). Sunday night, while at work, little ice pellets fell from the sky. They looked like the tiny plastic beads I sometimes find in stuffed animals. The kind Lil' Bro shoved up his nose when we were little kids. Mom had to take him to the doctor to get them out. Ow.

So ice fell from the sky. Hunny says it's called "sleet". Sunday's high was 70. Driving home from work Monday morning it was 16 degrees out and the roads were INSANE. I've told y'all, right, that I'm from the deep south? So, you Yankees, what the heck is the deal with
trying to drive with zero traction? I'm not a safe driver on Monday mornings to begin with, what with the lack of sleep and my focus issues, but Monday morning was hellacious at best. I drove the entire way doing 15 MPH, taking forever to stop, barely crossing intersections, the smell of burnt rubber making me feel light headed. Ew.

This was the sight which greeted me when I arrived home. Oh, and thi
s will have to do for December's Front/Back yard meme.

Bizarre, huh? Monkey's not wild about the cold. Here are a couple more:

My lovely iced street:

Check out the back yard:

And it's ice. All ice. Slippery as all get out. Didn't get any better as the day wore on. A very gray day.


While I was working, the beautiful Maybelline made sugar cookies. Mmmm! They were good! And look! She used Mental P's cookie cutters. I squishy heart them!

I don't know who ate the cow, but I ate the bunny and the terrier for breakfast just after photographing them. Here's a better shot of the cow:

Delicious! Thanks MPM!


Just for kicks, a shot of a little dress I'm making for a friend:

Yes, it's beaded. I make a beaded garment about once every two years. Two years is about how long it takes to forget why I don't like to bead. It takes three times as long to smock, and I go through a ton of floss, as it wears and breaks pretty quickly. But I love the effect, so I don't mind forgetting every couple of years. I just hope that the seed beads aren't too pretentious for this fabric. It's pretty, regardless.


I was visiting Warty Mammal's new blog and was reminded that I had a Christmas quilt hanging out somewhere in the house. Seeing as I'm hosting the writer's group's Christmas party tomorrow night, I thought it might be fun to dig out the quilt and put it ... somewhere. Dang. I have no idea where to put it. Tell me wh
ere you think it should go? My mom made this for me when Hunny and I married, nearly 17 years ago. I squishy heart, less-than-3 it. Muchly. Look:

I wish I photographed quilts as well as Warty Mammal does. She's a true artist.


Hmm. I think that's everything. The spiced Coke is beginning to kick in. I'm guessing I'll be back tomorrow, but you'll definitely want to visit on Thursday, when I share recipe and photos for eggnog. That party we're having here tomorrow? Yeah. Sharing is what friends do. So come back. Maybe next week I'll share the bigos recipe with y'all.

Until I write again ...



Laura ~Peach~ said...

the quilt is awesome... the beaded smocking OH MY I do believe it woudl take way more than two years to get over that... it is beautiful but Have mercy! The kids think they have decided on a first name... Bradley but I am thinking they may change their minds ... maybe not though.... I agree I dont care for sleet or snow or any such nasties!

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love that face on the cow cookie!

Anonymous said...

Spiced coke?

Love the sugar cookies! Nice Job Maybelline!

Drive safely down there... we're iced up too!


Anonymous said...

Can you send Maybelline to help with my cookies? NSLO can't find the time due to mid-terms.

Love the cow!!!

Extra love the shirt for "a friend" and the quilt. What a talent you have for smocking. I always wanted to learn how, but alas, no time and all I do is embroider.

Mom Knows Everything said...


dlyn said...

That quilt is so gorgeous - I would just drape it over a nice rocker or something maybe? I will be back for the nog recipe for sure - I love nog! And F&B have busy here in NY if you want to come see. And have you entered my giveaway today? Well, have you? :D

Daryl said...

Drape the quilt over the couch or a chair ...

Love the smocking .. that pearl thing is like child birth .. you forget til its too late to change your mind the (fill in the #)time

I love the cow cookie .. I want a cow cookie


Warty Mammal said...

I love that monkey! And oh, that beautiful dress. I think the seed beads are just right, not pretentious at all. The young lady who gets it is going to feel like a real princess.

The quilt your mother made is gorgeous, too. Great talent there!

Lori said...

Yes, I am with asthmagirl- Spiced Coke? Do tell!

CanadianMama said...

Oh Flea, bless your heart. Your ice makes me laugh because I have about three feet of snow on my front lawn!!
Driving in crappy weather is easier here because we are used to it. Our city has a good budget for snow plows and the main roads are all taken care of pretty good. We also have winter tires, traction control and ABS which all make the difference to me.
There are places in Canada where it only snows once a year. They get a little dusting and the whole city shuts down.
Then there are places that get way more than us and it's way colder. Any more snow than 15cm at a time and we shut down. There are places in Canada that are used to 40cm.
So, it's all what your city is used to.
My trick is to get the hub to drive hehe!

Karen Deborah said...

I like to use pretty quilts like that for tablecloths. No food of course! i have some that i go ahead and serve food on but not something like that. Do you have a dining room?
Or you could hang it on a wall,
love the beaded smocking wowzers.
cookies look yummy

Jan Parrish said...

I'll be right over for some spiced coke and sugar cookies. What are you spicing that with?

Don't worry, I'm a Colorado Native and I know how to drive on ice. Don't they have de-icers out there? They pour that stuff on like it's free out here.

Oh, so much to comment on. Great smocking - love the bead work. You're so talented!

Karen said...

Love, love, love the quilt. I know here that people will display their quilts over large easals for specific occassions. Though that is probably no help to you.

The smocking as usual is spactacular. I love to see what you are working on.

Ice.....is not a friend of mine. We keep getting this snow, we shovel, it freezes, it warms up the next day for about 10 seconds and then freezes again. Tada...ice rink everywhere. Mother nature if rather fond of this pattern currently in our region.

Looking forward to the photos and recipe.

Anonymous said...

You are all Christmassy over there and the smocking is magnificent...wow.

Karate Mom said...

*gasp* I BIG PUFFY SQUISHY HEART ADORE WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING THE SMOCKING! I'm in AWE! EEEEEEK!! THAT IS GORGEOUS! *jumps up and down like a maniac on chocolate truffles*

Oh, and what is this spiced coke you speak of? Methinks I need the recipe.
(Or should that be "Methinks me needs the recipe"?)

Oh, and over HERE, where I live? The streets are as dry as a bone. Not a slick spot in sight. Weird Tulsa weather.

Karen said...

Your smocking is getting better all the time. Wow. When I am old and retired and can't get off my couch any longer, I may take that up. But then my hands will be arthritic and I won't be able to weild a needle. Okay, maybe I should rethink that.

Daisy said...

Oh, yes, we're quite crazy to drive in the ice and snow. Ice is worse, though. Even here in the frozen Northwoods we try to stay home when the roads are icy.