Thursday, December 18, 2008


You all CRACKED ME UP with your comments about Santa and his hat. Just your comments in general. You know, I might find the comments so amusing because I've had quite a few punch cups full of eggnog. Hmm. The world will never know. I have to tell you, either way, that my kids didn't do Santa photos until last year, so this hasn't been an annual ritual for them. More of a novelty, really.

And the snow? Head over to Daryl's for instructions on how that works. Thanks, Daryl!

Now! It is time for the promised eggnog recipe!

I totally forgot to take pictures until I was half way through the process. Sorry. I was so excited. But what you see here is the egg yolks, beaten then whipped with the sugar. Then the likker and half & half were stirred in. See?

Now, the yellow stuff is covered and put into the freezer while we work with the egg whites and whipping cream. Egg whites take an incredibly long time to whip up to stiff peaks. Did you know that? Lookit:

(P.S. - I freeze my two mixing bowls a few hours before starting this process, to ensure everything stays really cold)

Once it reaches stiff peaks, I fold it into the yellow stuff (yes, I had to open the freezer and take the yellow stuff out - and uncover it). It looked all lumpy. Ew:

Then I whipped the whipping cream to stiff peaks. Took a long time. I wanted my eggnog and it just wasn't happening fast enough. I mean, I had the punch bowl waiting and everything:

The whipped cream was finally done:

And it was time to fold it into the lumpy mixture:

Then our fearless leader's husband grated some nutmeg and sprinkled it over the nog of egg - at light speed!

Cool, huh? Here's what it looked like all put together:

And here's the promised recipe! (I know you were waiting for it)

Plantation Eggnog (published about 40 years ago in some magazine)

9 eggs
1cup sugar
2 cups bourbon
1/2 cup cognac
2 cups light or table cream (I used half & half)
3 cups whipping cream
Grated nutmeg

Separate eggs, placing yolks in large bowl and whites in second large bowl.

Add sugar to egg yolks; beat until fluffy-thick. Stir in bourbon, cognac and light cream. Chill several hours or until very cold (I stuck it in the freezer while I whipped the whites).

Beat egg whites until they stand in firm peaks. Beat cream until stiff in a large bowl. Fold beaten egg whites, then whipped cream into egg yolk mixture; pour into a large punch bowl. Sprinkle with grated nutmeg.

See? Simple! Make some this Christmas for your family. Enjoy!

Until I write again ...



dlyn said...

I am sure some people will freak at the idea of drinking raw eggnog but this is the same recipe my Mom made for years - I agree it is to die for. And man, do those kids SLEEP on Christmas eve after a few punch cups of that stuff!

Daryl said...

WOW .. you have a professional whipper ... WOW .. I have a little ancient electric whipper that is now ashamed to come out of the cupboard ... nice, Flea, make an old hand mixer feel bad

And Hunny is sure a terrific nutmeg grater/sprinkler .. he has SUPER powers!

I wish I had me some nog now .. I will settle for a cup o'cawfee and a butterscotch candy


Anonymous said...

I'd like a cup! Bourbon and Cognac? Perhaps two cups!

Trisha said...

That looks yummy but, I really don't like eggnog. Sorry!
The snow is cool!

Mental P Mama said...

Yum! Is that some Connecticut nutmeg?

Ellyn said...

I have been thinking about trying my hand at eggnog this year. This looks like a great recipe.

Marguerite said...

Of all the cool things in your post today, I just have to say I SQUISHY HEART your punch bowl set. :D I'm not a huge eggnog fan, but I DEFINITELY want to try yours now. Are you making some for Christmas Day?

Karen said...

I had no idea what went into Egg Nog. I have lived a very sheltered life that way. So really......raw egg? Hmmmm, I wonder if I will obsess about that every time I taste it. (Yes, I'm a freak that way.)

Burgh Baby said...

I kind of want to gag now. EWWW! At least now I know the reason I don't like eggnog is that I don't like what's IN eggnog!

Anonymous said...

NINE eggs? NINE? Yikes. I'm not a fan, but it looks pretty.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an eggnog fan...I should be, but I'm not. Sigh. I do like your idea of putting the bowls in the freezer though. I'm going to steal that for some of my recipes.

Warty Mammal said...

That looks great! Enjoy, and lift a few glasses for me, eh?

Karen Deborah said...

wow sounds so good, how much did you drink? tee hee. too much may affect your noggin, no I did not say anything that stupid. HA!
your mixer looks deluxe enuf to beat all of the above no problemo. So where was my invitation to this party? did it get lost in the mail?

Anonymous said...

Flea makes the best eggnog - I know cause I've tried it. I've been salivating for some. Maybe I'll try your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

The only "Egg of Nog" I have ever tried came from a carton and I just about gagged. But you make it look so pretty, I just might try it if I were at your party! But I'm not. And I can't make that much nog if I am not even sure I'd like it. Guess I'll be sticking to the Spiced Cokes. HA!

Daisy said...

I love your recipe credit: if "some magazine" published it that long ago, I'd say you're pretty safe thinking it's now in the public domain. :)

Snooty Primadona said...

You are so right about chilling the bowl... it always makes a huge difference, Ms. Groggy Nog... er... Egg Nog. Cognac is what makes it perfect. Excellent recipe!

Karen said...

You know, eggnog smells fine and all that, but I can't get past the ingredients.