Saturday, January 31, 2009

Honest Scrapper Award

Yesssss! I won a major award! From someone who barely knows me! Otherwise she'd know better than to beard the Good Flea in her den. Mwahahaha!

It's Saturday, people. Chill.

So Jill, at Jill of All Trades, another Tulsa blogger (woohoo!), has given me a conditional award. Conditional, as in "must do x to acquire z". See z up there? My pretty award? I'm about to give you x. I have to tell you ten "juicy honest things" about myself. If I hand this award to you? You must also offer ten juicy honest things about yourself in order to display it. So look for your name when I'm done, if you can make it to the bottom of my list without running to toss your cookies.

Did I say it was Saturday? Chill already! No cookie tossing!

1. I wear a toe ring. All the time. I never take it off. I'm such a rebel. Fear me.

2. Speaking of chin hairs ... what? Jill was speaking of chin hairs. Well go read about it already! Stop bugging me! So, speaking of chin hairs, here's one y'all probably haven't heard. Grab the popcorn and settle in ...

I have a copious amount of chin hair. I think I have pretty much since high school. I take care of it. But two years ago, visiting my new doctor, she happened t
o notice and was concerned. In fact, she recommended I see a someone who would zap them. What's that called? Electrolysis. Yeah.

So I make an appointment and let the hair on my little chinny-chin-chin grow. And grow. And I look hideous. And it's the week that school starts and I have to go to each child's school to enroll them. And see people I've recently met. Oh the horrors! (I'm new to town, the kids are new to school ...)

So I show up to my appointment the next day, beard in tow, and she proceeds to place tiny electric thingy's on me. I have no idea what she did. Voodoo magic. And it hurt. So she tried another, less painful method, one which would take longer. Again, it hurt. Seems the pain tolerance level of my skin is very low. It's a redhead thing. So I was a side show freak for nothing. Dang it.

3. My only long term boyfriend, other than my Hunny, was while in college. No, that's not the juicy part. Well, it isn't all that juicy, I guess. He could quote the entire script to Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. I liked that about him.
Geeks are my thing. Shh. Don't tell the Hunny. He doesn't know he's a geek. Alright - maybe he does.

4. Some of you know this about me, but I LOVE Sudoku. Love it. Seriously. Want to marry it.

5. Growing up I spent my Sunday nights listening to Dr. Demento. My dad would record the show for me every week on his giant reel-to-reel recorder (for those of you youngun's, it's like a giant cassette tape, but without a case. What do you mean, "What's a cassette tape?" Go away now. Now. I mean it.). I fell in love with Weird Al those Sunday nights. And there were glorious songs, like "I'm My Own Grandpa," and
"Dead Puppies," or "I'm Looking Over My Dead Dog Rover". Pure poetry and genius. *sigh*

6. Maybelline says I'm pretty much an open book, so she can't think of anything juicy that everyone doesn't already know (yes, I resorted to asking my teenager for help with this). Then she said that I need to learn to be more secretive. I'm guessing she means like her. Hmm. I'm also guessing there are things I need to find out about her ...

7. Yeah, I know that last one wasn't technically about me. Deal. This one is. When
I was in junior high, my BFF and I would take turns spending the night at each other's houses. Our moms would let us use their discarded makeup and we'd make weird masks and stuff of our faces, then try to scare people. We thought we were such brilliant teenagers. Hi Sheryl! Like the beauty mark?

8. I am a sucky house keeper. Really. I don't much care for the mundane. I know it's necessary, and I'm coming to terms with that. But I hate it. And I want my own sewing space. Though my Hunny would say that all spaces are the Flea's spaces. Not true. Just all downstairs spaces.

9. I have a shower ritual. Same exact method of cleaning every time. Being ADD, if I didn't do the same exact thing the same way every time, I'd find myself under the water half an hour later, not remembering what I'd cleaned and what I hadn't. Same thing with tooth brushing. Sometimes I get interrupted while brushing and have to start over. Drives me crazy. Don't talk to me while I'm brushing my teeth. And no, don't expect any pictures.

10. I don't collect things. I think just about everyone I know collects something. I have things which are precious to me, yes, but nothing I'd call a collection.

So that's it. Now it's your turn. I'd like to hear all the juicy details about these six bloggers:

Straight Shooter is first, since she's one of my favorite Tulsa bloggers.

Ellyn at Little Piece of Heaven needs to be a little more forthcoming about who she is. Maybe about her growing up experiences? Heh.

If she'll play, I'd like to hear from Pinky at Cheese in My Shoe. I'd like to know how she named her blog.

Karen at Surrounded by Sea Monkeys needs to tell me more about herself. I want all the juicy details!

Karen Deborah at Fresh Fixins is just WAITING to tell all. Right, Karen? Tell us! All your secrets! Or at least ten of them.

And Melissa at Hope Floats needs to pony up with the juicy already.

So that's all I've got. Go home.

Until I write again ...



Ellyn said...

Oh, how fun. I love these things. I will do mine very soon.

I am my own Grandpa is so funny. I laugh every time.

Hairs on my chinny-chin-chin. HA. That made me snort my first sip of coffee.

Jill of All Trades said...

I think my chin hair honesty has sport a cult.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I also love Sudoku, and the shower?! I'm the same way, one time someone came in to use the toilet while I was showering and got me all off routine. I actually got out without rinsing the conditioner out of my hair and I had to get back in to rinse.

Trisha said...

Chin hair growers - unite! Aren't those little buggers annoying! Women aren't supposed to have chin hairs!

All I can say about your post - the Hunny says you are boring???

Karen said...

I love this post and you know that I love to play along with these things. Seriously, I'm sure you will all think I'm a freak when I'm done.
I'll do it tonight when I get home from the funeral.

Unknown said...

Another Soduko lover here, although sometimes I feel like I am almost seeing double I concentrate so hard! My BFF and I used to that alot too, fun times...thanks for sharing.

Warty Mammal said...

This was great - such fun.

An open book? Methinks Maybelline underestimates you, in the way of teenagers everywhere.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

You crack me up! (Well, except for the chin-hair story -- that was painful!)
Yep, You're scrappy alright!

: D

Daisy said...

I married an audiophile, and he actually owned not one, but two reel to reel tape decks!! We own a separate CD burner for music now. It just seems right.

Burgh Baby said...

Hrm. I wonder which state will be the first to legalize marriage between women and Sudoku . . .

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, yeah. Chin, neck, and sideburns here. I am one with the tweezers. Love to pluck...there's such satisfaction in pulling out a root. The shower thing... Ive been known to get out dirty because I washed my hair first. My brain said DONE. Silly ritual, how you own me...

Karen Deborah said...

Thank ya lil scrapper! Anything in particular you'd like to know?

OHmommy said...

I have never done Sudoku because I am too busy plucking my chin hair.

Oh my. Did I just say that out loud. Shhh... don't tell anyone.

KG said...

You DEFINITELY get kudos for propping about your beard. Hawt.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award. LOL entertaining post, I enjoyed that!

Anonymous said...

Why, thank ya, Fleaster!
I'll participate, full-on.
Gimme a minnit to get my act together.

It'll be a hoot, or a poot.
Either way.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Nothing deep and dark here (except maybe the beard, but I'm assuming it was red too). And you know what? A beard's no big deal until you add the unibrow-- yep, that's my claim to fame :-)

fun stuff flea!

Anonymous said...

A toe ring? I would have never guessed it!

MIT Mommy said...

I love Suduko. I collect chin hair.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Okay, so I am going to put a twist on this award and try to name 40 on 40th birthday.
I thought I was going to die laughing with some of yours!
I think I could BRAID my chin hair!!

harrybyte said...

I love Flea Beard. It turns me on.

The Hunny.

Krista said...

I'm addicted to Sudoku, too! I have your same disease. Even surgery on my right hand didn't stop me from doing those lovely little puzzles. As I was doing some the other night my husband asked me what I dream about and I answered, "Numbers." Is there a Sudoku Anonymous? I guess it has to be a problem, first, and just because I can't stop and stay up til 1 AM, that's not a problem.

bernthis said...

I don't collect anything. I do a cardio workout of 44 minutes every time, don't ask my why. We are all a little "quirky" wouldn't you say?

Egghead said...

This is hilarious. I think my favorite is the chin hair story. The picture that popped in my wee little mind was of flea looking somewhat like a werewolf gadding about town leaving her own unique impression on everyone. Poor children. Ha this still makes me laugh.