Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Lot of Talk About Nothing

There have been a million things swirling around in my brain the last three weeks that I've wanted desparately to blog about. And now I can't think of a one. Dang it!

I can tell you that it's tornado and hail season, or nearly. Time to clean out the closet under the stairs.

It's also shedding season. My poor carpets. I'm trying to get the Babies outside for a thorough brushing at least twice a week.

It's nearly growing season and time to start the garden. The Bradford pears are about to burst into bloom, and the bulbs are beginning to come up!

It's also cold and flu season. My nose is still running, eight days after it started. I hate this.

So instead of all the things I wanted to talk about, I'll settle for a meme. Anyone out there mind? Then you can just click here. Thanks for playing.

I'm not quite sure this is a meme, but I was tagged for it on Facebook and it was fun. Play along if you'd like.

Rules! Life's nothing without rules, right? We at least need something to break ...

Here’s how it works: Google “[your first name] needs” and share the first 10 results. That's it: it is that simple. But be honest!

The Good Flea needs nothing. However, in the interest of being a good sport, she'll play along.

1. Dog Flea solutions from Little River pet shop
2. Flea needs a smoke, finds a road flare ... it gets better
3. What you need to know about fleas in cats
4. Brooklyn Flea wants more vendors
5. Flick the Flea: this flea needs to jump some pretty huge objects
6. Since spraying for fleas needs to be done every 3 months ...
7. ... we learned what needs to be done to get rid of fleas altogether
8. How much does a single flea need to bite to be satisfied?
9. A female flea needs to have a blood meal from ...
10. You will not need a prescription for most flea and tick remedies

The Good Flea does not care for this particular game. Too many people trying to off the Good Flea. Harumph.

Y'all have a great Thursday.

Until I write again ...



Ellyn said...

I will play this one soon. Sounds fun.

I wish it were almost garden time here. We are still buried under three feet of snow.

I must have pictures of your pear tree when it blooms. So that I can sit enviously and stare at my computer screen. I will even say please. Please!!

Debbie said...

Third time I've seen this in 24 hours LOL! I must do this. I tried last night (too tired) and first one was Debbie needs a saddle. Uh...NO. Debbie needs a cowboy?

You had to know what would come up with FLEA!! I love yours.

Flick the flea? You are trying to overcome some stuff in your life, right? :)

Karen said...

Ok, those were really funny. When I do my name, it just is not that interesting.

Everything and everyone is shedding around here too. I am goin to need a bigger vacuum. Good luck with getting the babies outside for a brush.

Mental P Mama said...

I had fun with that one, to. And we are a looong way from growing season. Boo. Hiss. Where are F&B these days?

Anonymous said...

Wow... hail and tornado season. I'm glad we don't get that here!

We have no bulbs up yet. I'll just live vicariously through yours!

Daryl said...

The cows left here for TX via Upstate and not a moo to be herd since

And its FAR FAR from growing here except for GERMS

Trisha said...

I am right there with you in the cleaning out of the closet under the stairs! Stay safe!

imbeingheldhostage said...

That is strange that people are trying to off fleas when I'd be thrilled to infest my home with one on particular :-)

I enjoyed your random nothingness.

Warty Mammal said...

LOL! That was good for a chuckle.

Number one on my list was that I needed a Slim-Fast video. Number three was a new battery. Appropriate, no?

Anonymous said...


Since I don't have a blog...

My first 4 said the same thing...

Candace needs a firm, consistent hand that will establish the house rules.

So true.

Karen said...

It's a wonder you're still around with all the hit men you must have following you. You're good.

MIT Mommy said...

Okay, here it is

1. MIT needs your support (this DOES work)

2. Vonnegut - MIT needs oath (some article about the 1985 edition of the first internet newspaper)

3. MIT needs millions (yeah, thats me)

4. MIT needs an Army of Drones (I didn't make that up)

5. MIT Libraries: Meeting Critical needs for the 21 century

6. Who needs napster?

7. MIT needs help testing Scratch on Linux

8. MIT needs to Support the real hardworking CIC employees

9. MIT needs groundfish boats

10. MIT needs to commit itself to unprecedented, sustained, concrete action on diversity and inclusion.

Looks like I have lots of needs, but I think the drones would come in particularly handy.

Laski said...

This is just flippin' flea-tastic. I mean, not really. Getting offed is no fun :(

Robin said...

It's hailing here right at this very moment, but thankfully just pebble-sized, not those boulders you showed! (We did have a storm like that a few years back - did huge amounts of damage, including completely destroying my patio pergola.)