Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Response to My Friends

Y'all's responses to my post on facing my fear were all over the map. And they cracked me up!

Snooty I could relate to. I can only handle a fear for so long. Once I realize it's ridiculous, I have to kill it. Kill it good. And no, I'll never see those seedy people again.

AsthmaGirl - one day I'll zip line. Not one day soon. Fear of climbing I conquered on the Wall. Fear of heights? I don't quite see that as ridiculous yet.

Warty Mammal - I don't know WHAT I was thinking doing Bohemian Rhapsody first! My kids know all the lyrics. I didn't even know when to thrash my head! Insane.

Debbie in CA, I think maybe you ought to look for a hotel which has karaoke, to stay out of the bars, and give it a shot! Friend Heather had signed up to sing a song from Les Mis. It's worth a shot! And please, have someone video tape? You know we want to see that!

Scribbit, fainting was my Hunny's fear for me. Did I ever mention that I was slotted to sing in a friend's wedding 18 years ago and passed out just before my song? Granted, it was August and there was no A/C in the church, and I was standing in front of a huge candleabra which was sucking up all of my oxygen. So yeah, I could have gone that route ...

Judi and Daryl, it's so hard to believe that a teacher would be so cruel as to tell a student to never sing. I cry for you. Big tears. Really.

Egghead, again, WHERE IS THE VIDEOTAPE?!?!

MUD! Something I never would have guessed about you! You sing! Am I going to have to make a trip to Kansas to hear you sing? I can well imagine, though, that not much would frighten you after your tour in Vietnam.

Daisy, you can't be much older than I am. And you're never too old for karaoke. Especially if you're not too old to shout down a classroom full of kids! Just do it!

J the Grockle, you're a singer! So what the heck?! We are SO going to meet up and do a whole NIGHT of karaoke! I can't wait!!!

Thanks, Poltzie. *sheepish grin*

Karen Deborah, we discussed getting together with friends to do karaoke, but the anonymity factor is part of its charm. That and being able to leave, which is tough if your friends are all at your house.

JENI!!!! Yeah, I did it. Little Flea's floating around all over the place. And I pity you the karaoke torture! No, Hunny refused to sing. Eventually I'll get him up there. Oatmeal Head, though, reminded him of our wedding video and his singing to me. Not a pretty thing.

Krista, I like the term "vocal therapy". Honestly? I also like the idea of having a little something to take the edge off before I make a complete fool of myself. Heh. (I love your description of yourself, that you were born in Virginia, so that makes you a Virgin. I was born in Texas. What does that make me?)

Karen, friend Heather was the best singer there. And there was this one guy singing Wanted: Dead or Alive who was pretty good, but thought he was on American Idol. He was all over the stage and hilarious! The seedy side would be pretty darn entertaining if it weren't so smoky.

So, Oatmeal Head made me promise to sing Hotel California the next time I go. And I promise you all that the Hunny will bring the camcorder. 'K?

Until I write again ...



Laura ~Peach~ said...

hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dont forget the video... :)

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I love your honesty Flea.
Just love it.
Makes me feel normal.