Saturday, April 4, 2009

Don't Let the Suit Fool Ya

Y'all, I had no idea. Maybe it's the tuxedo that fooled me. Maybe it's his diminutive size. Or maybe even the ever-present smile. Whatever it is, I took Mr. Monkeysuit for a gentleman. How was I to know?

It seems that my little clip on friend is a ladies' man. Yeah, I know he likes pretty girls. Blah blah blah. But lately? OMG. I'll just have to show you the photographic

One of his tactics is to tell the lovelies that he's a model (the tux seems to be a good angle for him):

Another is the seasonal approach - "Cover me in cranberries and call me a pilgrim!" She wasn't having any of that. Smart woman.

This pretty girl almost fell for the old "Baby, somebody better call God, because He's missing an angel!" Fortunately I overheard the interchange and put a stop to THAT.

But when he started in on the chimp's wife, that's when all h-e-double hockey sticks broke loose.

You don't mess with the chimp's wife.

I thought he'd learned his lesson, but NOOOOOO. What the heck was Mr. Monkeysuit thinking, trying to pick up the sweet chihuahua while her hunny was standing there?

The absolute worst, though, was his attempt to woo my own DAUGHTER. Maybelline is sick with a sinus infection, but that didn't stop Mr. Monkeysuit. And his line? "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV." What a cheese ball!

He wanted to look down her throat (what girl hasn't heard that one before?!), but my Maybelline was smart and refused to open her mouth for him.

He went so far as to demonstrate that he knew how to use the various instruments in the office, asking if he couldn't take Maybelline's blood pressure (yeah, right):

And maybe look in her ear:

But she wouldn't let him near her. Good girl!

And to think - I let him near my grandmother.

Until I write again ...



Debbie said...

Ms. Flea you've done another outstanding job with Mr. Monkeysuit! I had a feeling the instruments would be involved LOL

You're so funny :) I hope Maybelline is feeling better soon.

Mental P Mama said...

Poor Maybelline;) The horror of it all...a sinus infection and a mother with a monkey in a monkeysuit. Oh the horror.

david mcmahon said...

Loud applause for your creativity and your sense of humour!

MUD said...

Started my day with a smile over this post. I guess I was too serious yesterday. MUD

Anonymous said...

He's a saucy little thing, isn't he? Keep him away from those Chihuahuas!

The 4-Crows Blog said...

Thanks for giving me a smile!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Mr.Monkeysuit is a little playa isn't he. ;o)

Daisy said...

The wait must have been long and dull - or would have been, without Mr. Monkeysuit!! It looks like Maybelline is doing her best not to interact with Mr. M or laugh at the fun her mother is having. Laugh? Enjoy the silliness? Heavens, no.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog...I love the mr monkeysuit! Your daughter is precious i LOVE her name! and look at Grams with mr monkeysuit! he really gets around!

Lori said...

Cheeky Monkey!

Daryl said...

oh he was up to some monkeyshines wasnt he

Leenie said...