Saturday, April 18, 2009

La Casa de Pulga

Here at La Casa de Pulga*, we know how to rock. Really. Honest.

Here at La Casa de Pulga, we have four birthdays in less than two months.

Here at La Casa de Pulga, we'd go broke if we bought big gifts AND threw big parties for all four family members.

The first of Pulga's family to have a birthday is Oatmeal Head, coming up in two weeks. He's taking a group of friends to play paintball all day at a nearby field. He's inviting GIRLS.

Next will be Maybelline. She wants to ice skate (something she's never done) for her sweet 16. With 16 friends. Okay.

Red Rocks has chosen to take his friends to the local aquarium this year. He's my animal lover, he misses Florida's beach, and it just seemed right.

Pulga's Hunny gets moochas smooches from me, the Pulga. Yeah, that's it. Get over it already.

But for gifts? This year we bought one gift for all four party people. Okay, Oatmeal Head gets a separate gift of an iTouch this year, upgrading from his tiny shuffle. It took weeks to convince him he didn't want a Zune.

Anywho, I found Guitar Hero World Tour for half price, new, online. It arrived Thursday. Do you think any homework has been done since it arrived? Or chores? Nooooo.

Do you think the gang is having a great time? Yessssss.

Do you think Pulga is enjoying listening to her family butcher classic rock songs at top volume? Um. Maybe. Not really. Much at all.

Is the fam happy with their collective birthday gift? More than words can say.

The gang was up till about three AM rocking out (I went to bed at midnight). I asked the Hunny this morning, when he finally got up, how he felt (my usual morning question to everyone). His response? A very sleepy, smiling, "Like a rockstar."

Happy birthday la familia de Pulga.

Until I write again ...


*Pulga is Spanish for Flea, one of my college nicknames


Jan Parrish said...

What a fabulous idea. My hunny wants thst too. I'm thinking too loud and then I'm also thinking of all the off key songs. Um. Hm. Maybe a book would be better. LOL

Mental P Mama said...

How much fun is all that? Chez Pulga;)

Mom Knows Everything said...

That's a great idea, but there is no way I would buy that....we borrowed it from my niece and after an hour I got a migraine. LOL

Snooty Primadona said...

I can't believe you were able to satisfy everyone with one gift! Way to go girlfriend!

Need nerf earplugs?

Daryl said...

What a Buena Pulga you are!

Daisy said...

I should try this! Our birthdays start with mine (near Thanksgiving), then two in mid December, followed by the dreaded Christmas, and then Amigo's in mid January. I wonder if they'd agree to skip Christmas in favor of a family gift, too? Naw, didn't think so.

Indy said...

I think we are doing this for the family for Christmas. They have begging for it for months. Think I can hold them off for eight months? I hope!

Karen Deborah said...

RAWK on mama, never never let it be said that the good FLEA is a bore! No way mama. Make that big daddy and those kids smile!

Debbie said...

Excellent idea and early Happy Birthday to all the special peoples!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

feeling like a rock star :) giggles how cute! Happy Birthday to all the little fleas :)

Trisha said...

Thanks for letting me know what a Pulga is! I was wondering.

It sounds like the Flea house is rockin' these days! How fun! I personally have only played Guitar Hero at Wal Mart - where they have it hooked up so you can sample it. I definitely DON'T rock!

Robin said...

How fun! I think if we had one I'd play it even more than the kids.

Ellyn said...

Oh, what fun. Great gift!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's official... you're all rock stars!