Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lunch With a Friend

As promised, the photo edition of Lunch with Karen! Last Thursday my mom and I drove from Tulsa to Louisiana, stopping in Texarkana for lunch with Karen of Simply A Musing blog. I adore the clever name of her blog. Here, bloggy friends, is the remains of one fantabulous BBQ lunch!

Yummy, huh? And here's the lovely Karen, who was most fun to get to know IRL. My mom enjoyed her company muchly as well. Karen also has stunning eye bowls. I mean eye balls.

My question to you all is this: WHY THE HECK ARE ALL YOU BLOGGERS YOUNGER THAN I AM?!? Huh? Karen's younger. Trisha's younger. I know for a fact that Karen at the Rocking Pony's younger, as is Burgh Baby's mom and Sports Mama. You're all just babies! Stop it! Grow up and be older already!!!!

Okay. Now that that's out of my system ...

Mr. Monkeysuit, as you all well know, had a wonderful trip. He enjoyed the wedding. Mostly he enjoyed the people. But he also had a great time with the inanimates. First? People:

The mom of the groom smiled every time I whipped out Mr. Monkeysuit. Who wouldn't?

Does this count as real people? It's a photo of the happy couple.

I love that Mr. Monkeysuit made the bride's brother smile. Real big.

And I just like these expressions.

Y'all all remember my cousin's wife, right? The one who gave me Fred and Bessie? She's having a baby in September. I told her to call me when she finds out it's a girl. She said she'd work really hard to make sure it would be a girl. I believe her.

Mr. Monkeysuit even made my grandmother smile.

While at my grandmother's, Mr. Monkeysuit befriended one of her many owls ...

Her toad (which I snuck into my pocket and took home) ...

And Mary, the Holy Mother. (always good to have friends in high places)

But Mr. Monkeysuit was most taken with one the paintings my grandmother did before she lost her sight. I admit, I'm taken with it as well. Too bad it didn't fit in my other pocket.

And one LAST shot of Mr. Monkeysuit, doing penance for wanting to steal the painting - he did penance for me, that is. I picked cactus prickles out of his butt all the way to Paris. Serves him right.

Wait wait wait wait wait ... y'all want to see a picture of the bride in all her finery, right? I can do that. Take a look:

And the back of this pretty dress?

Okay - I really am done. Thanks for hanging in there. I won't torture you all with any more photos of last weekend.

Until I write again ...



Anonymous said...

Your grandmother is beautiful!

Andy you're right, Karen does have beautiful eyes! And the best news, I'm older than you and always will be! Now you can relax.

abb said...

Your grandmother was a wonderful artist! That painting is just beautiful.

And where did you get that baby monkey sock??

Trisha said...

I am so sorry that I am younger than you - I will take that up with my mother the next time I see her!

The pictures with Mr. Monkeysuit are fabulous! They made me smile and that is a tough thing to do today!

Mental P Mama said...

You are from quite a talented gene pool! And I think I am older than you are. So cheer up;)

Daryl said...

I am older than you and dirt stop whining ..

And would it have hurt to close the closet door before taking a photo of the bride in her elegant gown? Huh? said...

oh quit. I may be younger by TWO years, but you definitely LOOK younger than me. Which stinks. But you don't stink. :) You smell good. And you are a wonderfully fun lunch date. :)

MUD said...

As the senior member of the bloggin group, I declare that you youngsters are all equal. No one that has a monkey in her hand and her Grandmother's toad in her pocket can claim to be anything but young. If It were up to me, I would have Grandmother put your name on the back of that picture. Somewhere out there in the family is my Grandfather's picture of boys returning from a night of hunting that was promised to me. Oh well, MUD

Mom Knows Everything said...

The dress is gorgeous!!!
I'm 37 (cough cough), you ain't older then me.

Karen said...

Oh that Mr. Monkeysuit cracks me up. I really like that guy!

The bride looks gorgeous.

I know that I am older than both of the other Karen's you mentioned. So I am working on it. Getting older seems to be something I do well. In fact I may be older than you.

Ellyn said...

Beautiful painting. Really amazing work.

Sounds like a great fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

First things first...I am NOT younger than you!! Wish I was!!!

Great pic of you and Karen.

Mr. Monkey Suit really gets around.

The bride and her dress are just gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing all of your great pictures.

Memaw's memories said...

Well, good Flea, I doubt you are older than I. My grandchildren say I'm older than dirt and blind as a bat. I'm proud to be 60.

The painting done by your grandmother is beautiful. Such talent.

And I know Mr. Monkey Suit had a grand time visiting with everyone.

Daisy said...

Mr. Monkeysuit gets around, that man does!
And by the way, I'm a blogger who is older than you are. :)

Jan Parrish said...

Sounds like you and Mr. Monkeysuit had a grand old time. Thanks for sharing. What a lovely bride!

Debbie said...

I'm older than dirt and YOU my dear. My favorite is Mr. Monkeysuit with your Grandma. I got tears and said Awwwwww. Did you hear it?

These are great photos, but wouldn't be nuttin without your hillarious comments!