Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Meme!

Y'all, I'm so lazy. Would you like to know how lazy I am? I know you would. I'm so lazy that I stole a meme from a blogger I don't even know, Rosa's Yummy Yums. Just so I could do a meme. Here, in all its glory, is the Spring Meme, or What Would I Be?:

... a tree?

A sweet gum. Stay with me here. Sweet gum has beautiful, glossy star-shaped leaves. Those leaves? Have a wonderful spicy scent when crushed. I'd love to be seen as someone who is spicy when under fire, in the midst of adversity.
Also? The sweet gum produces big ol' honkin' stickle burrs. Round balls with prickles all over them. Very distinctive. And when I step on them in bare feet, it HURTS. Yeah. I wanna be a sweet gum tree.

(photo found at this site)

... a bush?

Shrubbery! Bring me some shrubbery! What would I be? I'm not sure if it's a shrub, but I think I'd be a sea grape. This is one of the few plants I miss in Florida. I loved being at the beach and seeing the sea grapes.

According to the site's description of them, they grow closest to the ocean, shielding what is behind them from the salt spray. What I didn't know about them is that the berries are edible and known to make good jelly. Mmm! Not that I'd want to be turned to jelly. Though I shake when I laugh like a bowlful of jelly. Isn't it cool, though, that the sea grape protects the other plant life near the water?

(photo found at this site)

... a flower?
Flowers are so difficult - so many beautiful and quirk
y flowers to choose from. Some really stinky flowers to choose from. Hmm. But having to choose, I'd pick the Oklahoma state flower - the Mistletoe! Betcha didn't know that was our state flower, huh? Neither did I, till I worked in a 4th grade class last year.

I did know, though, that Oklahoma is littered with the stuff. That it's an airborne plant, living in tree tops. Winter is really the only time to see it, clustered in bare nekkid trees. Waxy green leaves and tiny white flowers.

A friend of mine, many years ago, harvested mistletoe for a charity organization (what kind of charity organization collects mistletoe? I'll leave you to hazard your
own amusing guesses). I walked into his office, shut the door and saw his rather large scythe and asked it's purpose. The first response was "Grim Reaper". I believe it.

The point is, I'd love the Grim Reaper to collect me for charitable purposes. Wait. No. I mean, I chose the Mistletoe because it makes so many people happy for such a brief period of time. And because JUST ONCE I'd like to get a kiss while standing under a sprig of the stuff ...

(photo found here)

... an aromatic herb?

Jeehosophat. An aromatic herb. That's an easy one. Rosemary! I love to smell the stuff. I cook with it occasionally, sure, but I
wander out to the garden and pinch off a sprig just to smell it. Mmm!

Haven't you ever wanted to be
loved and enjoyed just because? Not because of what you can do, or what you have to offer, but just because you're you? That's how I feel about rosemary. Sure, it has a lot to offer. But I like it just because. Nothing wrong with that. Right?

(photo found at this site)

... a spice?
A spice is much more difficult than an aromatic herb. Don't ask why - it just is! Geez. But if I have to choose, I'
m going with a new favorite - Nutmeg!

Nutmeg is a recent favorite since Mental P sent me a couple of jen-you-
wine nutmegs and a nutmeg grater! Way cool! I had no idea how scrumptious the stuff is! Or that Connecticut is the Nutmeg State.

The fresh nutmeg was perfect grated on our eggnog this Christmas. Mmmmm.

(photo found here)

... an aquatic plant?

Easy peasy. A cat tail. They are, without a doubt, the coolest aquatic plant ever. Not to mention that they are
SO MUCH FUN to shred and stuff into tail pipes. Not that I've ever done that, of course. Of course.

Growing up, the cat tail was one of my favorite plants. They just rock to look at. They shred nicely, all fluffy and soft looking. They're tall and spindly, but look strong at the same time. And they're quite unique.

BUT ... did you know that they're edible? I'd like to be known as someone who's unique, fluffy and edible. Wait. No. But check out this site for the lowdown on the many uses of cat tails. Go on. I'll wait.

(photo at this site)

... a plant received as a gift or offered to someone?

This one takes me back to my childhood. My mom taught me that this particular flower is called a buttercup, only because that's what she was always told. I've since learned that it's a pink evening primrose.

Why would I want to be this flower, and why would it be offered to someone? One of my favorite things about the buttercup (it will always be a buttercup to me) is its transference powers.

See, when you rub the center of this pretty pink flower on your skin, the brigh
t yellow pollen coats your skin, making you yellow. As a girl, I loved rubbing buttercups on my cheeks and forehead. I loved, almost as much, seeing fields full of them. Even more fun was picking a bouquet of them for mom or a teacher. They're lovely.

(photo found here)

... a garden animal?
I can tell you what I WOULDN'T be. I sure as heck wouldn't be an armadillo or opossum. Those aren't garden animals, you say? Au contra ire! Tell that to my Florida neighbors, whose gardens they'd dig huge holes in in the middle of the night! Stupid critters. Wouldn't be either of those.

I think I'd be a garter snake, actually. May I tell you a story about my favorite garter snake? Of course I may! This is my blog!

When the Hunny and I were newlyweds, the neighbor kid (we were really newlyweds - only married about about 6 months) came over with a little garter snake. The kid was probably about 14 and had been mowing the lawn, when he clipped the snake in the head with the mower. Rather than leave it for dead, he brought it to us to nurse back to health. I should say, he brought it to ME to nurse back to health. And I did!

This poor little snake had a huge dent in his head. He was fond of goldfish. Real ones, not the Pepperidge Farm variety. I'd hold a wiggling goldfish by the tail and he'd scarf them out of my hand. Once? He ate ten little goldfish in a row. Then went after me. Snakes are nearsighted, you know. He grabbed my thumb and wouldn't let go.

Here's a nice bit of trivia - even non-poisonous snakes hurt when they bite. Rather like a non-poisonous dog hurting when it bites, no? This was no exception.

The snake just wouldn't let go. I tried thumping it in the head with my other hand. Tried shaking it off. Tried rubbing alcohol waved under its nose. Finally the Hunny suggested filling the sink with water and submerging it. My Hunny's so smart. Eventually the little snake had to let go and come up for air.

I know I didn't choose the brightest little garden animal, but I'm not taking it back. That's my choice and I'm sticking with it.

(photo found at this site)

...a season?
"Autumn is the eternal corrective. It is ripeness and color and a time of maturity;
but it is also breadth, and depth, and distance. What man can stand with autumn
on a hilltop and fail to see the span of his world and the meaning of the rolling
hills that reach to the far horizon?
- Hal Borland

Plus? I wear its colors really well.

I'm not tagging anyone, but feel free to play if you'd like. And let me know if you do. I'd like to read your answers.

Until I write again ...



Ellyn said...

I had a corn snake for a few years when I was in the Air Force. Jason made me get rid of it when we got married. He is such a stick in the mud

Great meme. I might just to it soon. I have to copy a few of your answers though. Like rosemary. I love that stuff.

MUD said...

When we first built a house out here in the woods, I found a ball of garter snakes one day as I was collecting rocks for a a garden wall. I put them in a glass fish bowl and brought them in to show Barb. When they started to get warm, they smelled terrible and started to escape. "Out dammed spot" and they were returned to their home in the wild. None of them bit anyone but they were not a fun thing to have in the house.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I had not even heard of a sweet gum tree. They must not live up here! And how odd that mistletoe grows at the tops of trees.
But rosemary... I have a huge shrub and I do cook with it regularly. I lost part of it this winter due to the freeze, but the rest of it is still hanging in there!

Anonymous said...

Flea, I love your choices. Mistletoe, one of my favorites. I remember as a kid we would laugh ourselves silly trying to have a sweetgum ball fight. They don't throw very far but it was such fun.

Sorry, but you can keep the snake. I have developed an intense dislike of them in my older years.

Anonymous said...

Awww, you mentioned my state! The Nutmeg state. ;-) And I LOVE nutmeg!

Daryl said...

Ah bless your heart, arent you smart to go get yourself a toy, er, meme to post!

Daisy said...

Rosemary -- smell so, so good!

Debbie said...

I love cattails. I finally had one growing in the creek and David whacked it with the weedeater unknowingly. The stormwater lady also said something about them, but now I can't remember. Yes, I have a stormwater lady because the village is flooding me.

I do Autumn the best too. Don't do spices and haven't been kissed under mistletoe in so long I can't remember.

Ending on a happier note. You are brave to play with snakes. I have those in my creek too.

MIT Mommy said...

I love nutmeg. I don't think I could do this one, though. I'm not good at plants. It was a fun read though.