Friday, May 22, 2009

A Day at the Physical Therapist's

Y'all remember my telling you about Red Rocks's tarsal coalition, how he has a bone bridge between the bone on top of his foot and his heel bone? Instead of a joint? It makes him walk funny.

Quick update: he has his orthotics, meaning his feet no longer hurt, and he's in physical therapy for gait training (re-learning how to walk). He calls it gate way training. This week at therapy, I brought a couple of friends who wer
e curious about all that's happened while they've been away.

They enjoyed listening to Red Rocks scream. What the heck have you people been teaching my bovines?! They never used to be sadists.

They also enjoyed a massage, courtesy the massage therapist. I could almost see the year of road wear roll off of them. The therapist seemed to enjoy the experience as well.

Yes, Red Rocks has his calves massaged for about 20 minutes before his workout starts. The muscles and tendons are incredibly tight and short after eleven years of compensating for bad feet. And the massage therapist is an artist - I wanted to take a bite out of that Hostess Cupcake calf. I'm so jealous. But the boy screams the entire time while she works on the knots.

Look! Massage done, he's happy, as is Bessie! She's really relaxed.

We all move to the workout room, where Red Rocks gets to use the Total Gym. He's been waiting to use this machine for two weeks. Fred and Bessie insisted on helping him. Fred was especially keen on working out on the gym Chuck Norris uses. Speaking of which, did you know that Chuck Norris is suing MySpace for taking the name of what he calls everything around him?

I grabbed my baby cows, since I didn't think they'd appreciate the next exercise. We went to visit George while Red Rocks finished up his therapy. Say hi to George!

Isn't he the cutest thing EVER? I love a guy who's not afraid to watch his weight.

Last, probably least, Red Rocks insisted on taking my photo with Fred and Bessie. I was having a very bad hair day, the camera added at LEAST 40 pounds, and I just wasn't in the mood to have my picture taken. So this is what you get:

Until I write again ...



Daryl said...

Screaming is good for the lungs, it gets all that nasty bad out .. crying is good for the eyes, it washes them in ways you could never do otherwise .. I know this because I checked the Cheney-Rummy manual on torture... its in the preface

Trisha said...

Sorry to hear that the massage is so painful for Red Rocks - I think I would enjoy it! The bovines certainly looked as if they enjoyed their massages! So - how was the total gym? I always wonder when I see the infomercials!

Jeannelle said...

Wow...great first comment up there....can't top that. The massage must have been heavenly for F & B. Did you get a turn, too?

Your photo is very nice. May all go well for Red Rocks and his feet.

Donalyn said...

So good to see those bovines back home again - looks like they are up to their usual tricks!

Leenie said...

Glad the guy is getting assistance with is feet so he can turn into an athlete and ruin the rest of his body ;-D. Glad F&B are home safe. I've heard massaged beef is more tender... ooops, don't tell them I said that. Anyway, they are dairy bovines.

Daisy said...

Poor guy. I hope the muscles loosen little by little so the pain eases.

Kareen said...

Love your new layout

Ellyn said...

Red rocks is such a good sport. It's not every 11 year old boy who would play with his mother's cows. How many times did he roll his eyes at you?

Krista said...

Physical therapists are not generally very pleasant to visit. I still have my bum hand and out of visits! I'm glad the cows got to go and probably wouldn't have any utter way!

Anonymous said...

The camera added 40 pounds of hair? Neat trick!

The Old Goat is going through the tight calf/extra bone/painful feet/wearing orthotics process. He doesn't speak very highly of it either. Poor Red Rocks!

Warty Mammal said...

Physical therapy. Shudder! I do hope it's going to have a good outcome, though.

When I see photos of myself, I'm reminded of the old say "If a camera adds ten pounds, how many cameras were pointing at me?"

CanadianMama said...

Eek Flea! I haven't been by here in forever and I miss you and the kids (and the cows)!
Glad to see everyone got a massage! And your hair looks great. I wish I could get that much body!