Friday, June 12, 2009

Blogger Problem Update, Google Chrome Mini-Review

Update! Remember my blogger frustration, not being able to comment on some blogger blogs? Some of you suggested that it might be a browser issue, and when I tried Explorer, that seemed to take care of it. Of course, I love Firefox, so I still wasn't commenting on some blogs. I hate Explorer.

Until last week, this was an issue. Last week someone introduced me to Google Chrome. I SOOOOO squishy heart Google Chrome. Mostly. I have a feeling this browser came with instructions and I didn't read them.

First, now I can comment on some of my favorite-most blogs again. (yay!) Second, I now stay logged in to blogger. (yay!)

On the down side (where I need to read the manual), I now can't move photos in the posts the way I want to. I actually find myself going to the html and copying and pasting the code for the photo where I want it. How frustrating. Also? Can't change the layout for the blog, the little gadgets on the side. If I add something new, it stays at the top. Grr. I like playing with my layout.

What the heck. I was considering a new template anyway. A couple of people (read: men) have complained about the brown. We'll see.

So. To sum up. Google Chrome is cool to look at. Cool to use. There are still some features I have yet to locate, like the page ranking and ... just stuff I miss from the other browsers. But it's a very clean look. Still not sure I'm going to stay with it.

Until I write again ...



Laura ~Peach~ said...

this it the first time in over a week i actually get to see more than your header...martha and I have been very upset..

Laura ~Peach~ said...

oh and it took 8 tries to get this...

Daryl said...

I didnt know there was a Google Chrome .. Is there a Google Titanium? I prefer Titanium, its lighter

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure google wants to take over the word. As a system admin, I spend a lot of time unchecking autochecked google boxes on software installations - free install of google toolbar? Um, no.
I've also seen multiple google installations on my less sophisticated users. It has really mucked up the browser and they don't know how it got that way. So... although I'm sure google has good intentions (Just like Microsoft)... I'm not patronizing their browser, or their blogging platform, or their search engine.

But if you like it, Flea... and it's improved your blogging issue, then I'm really happy for you!

Happy Friday!

Not-so-evil Sister said...

My suggestion:

Get Firefox's IETab extension. If you are having problems viewing something, click the tab and then switch rendering engines. Your page will be reloaded in Firefox as an Internet Explorer page. Works every time (for me at least).

I have tried Chrome and several friends swear by it. But I can't get over the fact that Firefox has some really really cool extensions (Ad Blocker anyone?) that just aren't available on Chrome.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I just this week switched over to Firefox. IE was driving me nuttier than usual. I'll be staying with Mozilla until and if I reach the same level of frustration I had with IE. So far, so good.


Karen Deborah said...

never heard of it! I just use firefox and plain old blogger and it ain't broek so I ain't fixin it bein I just learned how to do the email thing.
no bugger pickin today?
what's wrong with brown?
you have been more colorful in the past. I liked the watermelon sign you had once for a brief bit.

Krista said...

This is where you could have typed that in Chinese and I still wouldn't get it. I'm not overly computer savvy, but I'm getting better. I can do a mean flyer, though. I don't mind the brown, makes me think of chocolate. BTW, your prize will go in the mail tomorrow. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Computer stuff sucks.